What does PVQ stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PVQ:



Pioneer Valley QuiltersQuilting
Party Very QuickFunnies
Post Valuation QueryBusiness
Portrait Value QuestionnaireUnclassified
Perceptual Vector QuantizationUnclassified
Personal values questionnaireUnclassified
Pressure Vessel QualityUnclassified
Parti vert du Qu├ębecUnclassified
Pediatric Vision QuestionnairePediatric
Pediatric Volitional QuestionnairePediatric
Personal Validation QuestionsUnclassified
Personal Verification QuestionsUnclassified
Portfolio Volatility QuotientUnclassified
Portrait Values QuestionnaireUnclassified
Portraits Value QuestionnaireUnclassified
Pressure Vessel QuenchedUnclassified
Pressure Vessel Quenched steelProducts
Product Validation and QualificationUnclassified
Purbeck Village QuireUnclassified
Pyramid Vector QuantizationUnclassified

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