What does PWD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PWD:



PasswordCyber & Security
People With DisabilitiesUS Government
Print Working DirectoryGeneral Computing
Present Working DirectoryNetworking
Portuguese Water DogDogs Related
Prevailing Wage DeterminationUS Government
Professional Web DesignCompanies & Firms
Portland Water DistrictCommunity
Pro Wrestling DailyWrestling
Path of Working DirectoryNetworking
Pulse Width DeviationElectronics
Peoria Web DesignCompanies & Firms
Microsoft Pocket Word text documentFile Extensions
Public Works DepartmentCommunity
Philadelphia Water DepartmentUnclassified
Persons With DisabilitiesMedical
Pressure While DrillingUnclassified
Performers With DisabilitiesDisability
Public Works DivisionUnclassified
People With DisableUnclassified
People with DiabetesDiseases
Public Works DatumUnclassified
Psych Ward DruggiesUnclassified
Portuguese Water DogsDogs Related
Pac West DistributingUnclassified
Please Wait DepartmentUnclassified
Paint With DiamondsUnclassified
Person With DisabilitiesDisability
Person With DisabilityDisability
Powder What doesUnclassified
Power Weighted DensitiesUnclassified
Public Work DepartmentUnclassified
Pass With DeviationSoftware
Print The Working DirectoryUnclassified
Print Work DirectoryUnix
Procurement Work DirectiveUnclassified
Programmed Warhead DetonationMilitary

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