What does QCF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand QCF:



Quick Crack FinderMeteorology
Quantitative and Computational FinanceAcademic Degrees
Quipus Cultural FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Quality Control FunctionMilitary
Quarterly CEOA ForecastUS Government
Queen City Founders Toastmasters ClubToastmasters
Query Costing FacilityGeneral Computing
Quarter Cross ForwardSports
Quasi Context FreeGeneral Computing
Qualifications and Credit FrameworkUnclassified
Quarter Circle ForwardUnclassified
Qualifications Credit FrameworkUnclassified
Quadrillion Cubic FeetUnclassified
Qualification and Credit FrameworkUnclassified
Qualification Credit FrameworkUnclassified
Quantum Computing FunctionsComputing
Queensland Community FoundationFoundations
QuickBASIC Coordinates FileUnclassified
Quickly Channel FocusUnclassified
Quieter Construction FundConstruction
QuikCAT compressed fileUnclassified
Qualifications and Credits FrameworkAcademic & Science

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