What does QHS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand QHS:



Quincy High SchoolSchools
Queens Historical SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
Queensbury High SchoolSchools
Quilcene High SchoolSchools
Bedtime ( Hour of Sleep)Physiology
Quinter High School, Quinter, KansasSchools
Quality Health StrategiesHealthcare
at bedtimeFDA
Quantitative Health SciencesHealthcare
Quality Hygiene SolutionsUnclassified
Quality Housing ServicesHousing & Amenities
Quantum Higher SymmetriesUnclassified
Quaque Hora SomniUnclassified
Quantum Hall SystemPhysics
Quality Health SolutionsHealthcare
Quality Home ServicesUnclassified
Quebec High SchoolSchools
Quainton Hall SchoolSchools
Quality Healthcare StaffingHealthcare
Quality of Health SystemsHealthcare
Quantico High SchoolSchools
Quaque Hora Somni (Latin: Every Bedtime)Latin
Quartiers de Haute Sécurité (French: High-Security Quarters)French
Quellenhof-Stiftung (German: Quellenhof Foundation)German
Quest High SchoolSchools
Quick Heat SystemAutomotive

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