What does QPA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand QPA:



Quality Point AverageUniversities
Quad Port AccelerationHardware
Quantitative Production AnalysisGeneral Business
Quality Performance AccreditationGeneral Business
Qualified Plan AdministratorOccupation & Positions
Padova, ItalyAirport Codes
Quality Performance AnalysisTelecom
Quality Potential AnalysisGeneral Business
Quinn's Page of AtheismReligion
Quantity Per AssemblyManufacturing
Quality Performance AssessmentUnclassified
Queer Parrot AssociationFunnies
Qt Platform AbstractionUnclassified
Qualified Pension AdministratorPension
Qualified Purchasing AgentUnclassified
Quality Placement AuthorityAuthorities
Quality Plan AdministratorsUnclassified
Quality Point AnalysisUnclassified
Quantitative phase analysisUnclassified
Quantity Purchase AwardAwards & Medals
Quick Passage AnalysisUnclassified
Quorum Purchasing AdvantageUnclassified
Qualified Production ActivitiesAccounting
Quality Parenting AccreditationAwards & Medals
Quality Plan AdvisoryCommunity

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