What does RAB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RAB:



Radio Advertising BureauCompanies & Firms
Registrar Accreditation BoardInternet
Realty Advisory BoardAdvisory
Ringette Association of BurlingtonSports
Resellers Automated BusinessCompanies & Firms
Remote Alarm BoxCyber & Security
The Ramshackle Ammunition BandMusic
Lakunai Airport, Rabaul, Papua New GuineaAirport Codes
Ruthless Asian BoyzAsian
Regulus Arcturus BlackUnclassified
Rapid Action BattalionMilitary
Radio Advisory BoardAdvisory
Rigid Aluminum BoatShipping & Sailing
A Request A BidUnclassified
Rice Applesauce And BannanaUnclassified
Regulatory Affairs BranchUnclassified
Rent a BoatShipping & Sailing
Retarded Animal BabiesAnimals
Red Arsed BastardUnclassified
Resident Advisory BoardResidential
Rail Alignment and BenefitsRailroads
Rating Agency BAgencies
Rebreather Advisory BoardAdvisory
Regional Accountability BureauRegional
Registration Accreditation BoardUnclassified
Research Advisory BoardAdvisory
Rwanda Agriculture BoardFarming & Agriculture
Rab Cap.London Stock Exchange
Ramstein Air BaseMilitary
Rebif Avonex And BetaseronUnclassified
recombinant antibodyBritish Medicine
Rent A BoyWebsites
RĂ©seau Africain de BiosciencesLaboratory
Resource Accounting and BudgetingBritish Medicine
Resource Accounting BodyBritish Medicine
Risk Assessment BatteryBritish Medicine
Risk Assessment BoardNASA
Ronald Allan BenusaUnclassified
Royal Airforce BaseAir Force

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