What does RAGE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RAGE:



Receptor for Advanced Glycation EndLaboratory
Real Arcade Game EmulatorGeneral Computing
Radiation Adaptive Grid EulerianGeneral Computing
Reaching A Generation for EternityReligion
Reaching A Generation EndangeredCommunity
Random Activation Gene ExpressionHuman Genome
Radically Altered Genetic EnigmaReligion
Radically Anointed God EncountersReligion
Redeeming A Generation For EternityReligion
Receptor of Advanced Glycation EndproductsUnclassified
Resident Association of Greater EnglewoodResidential
Rockstar Advanced Game EngineUnclassified
Resuscitationist's Awesome Guide toUnclassified
Rejection Aggression Gossip and ExclusionUnclassified
Residents Against Greenfield ErosionResidential
Racers Audiophiles Gentlemen and EnthusiastsRacing
Radiotherapy Action Group ExposureBritish Medicine
Rating scale for Aggressive Behaviour in the ElderlyBritish Medicine
Raw Active Green EnergyBiology
receptor for advanced glycosylation end productsBritish Medicine
Righteous Anger Giving EnergyMartial Arts

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