What does RAID stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RAID:



Redundant Array of Inexpensive DisksNews & Media
Redundant Array Of Inexpensive DiskUnclassified
Registered ArchitectArchitecture
Redundant Array Of Inexpensive DiscsUnclassified
Redundant Arrays Of Independent DiskUnclassified
Race Against Impaired DrivingMilitary
Report All Impaired DriversLaw & Legal
Remove Alcohol Impaired DriversTransportation
Restitution And Inmate DevelopmentLaw & Legal
Redundand Array Of Inexpensive DrivesUnclassified
Risks Assumptions Issues and DependenciesUnclassified
Risks Assumptions Issues and DecisionsUnclassified
Risks Actions Issues and DecisionsUnclassified
Risks, Actions, Issues, DecisionsBanking
Recent Advances in Intrusion DetectionUnclassified
Rapid Assessment Interface DischargeUnclassified
Research in Attacks Intrusions and DefensesResearch
Redundant Array of Independent DisksDrivers
Redundant Array of Inexpensive IndependentUnclassified
Rebreather Association of International DiversDiving
Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive DisksUnclassified
Rapid Assessment Interface and DischargeBritish Medicine
Rapid Assessment, Interface & DischargeMedical
Rapid Assessment, Interface and DischargeMedical
Required Analysis of Image DataGeneral Computing

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