What does RAV stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RAV:



Richmond Airport VancouverAircraft & Aviation
Recreational Active VehicleTransportation
Remote Audio- VideoNetworking
Really A VehicleFunnies
Cravo Norte, ColombiaAirport Codes
Radio At VaughanCompanies & Firms
Request For Address ValidationUnclassified
Random Action VideoSports
Reparameterized Angle VariationMathematics
Renee, Ashley, VerityPerforming Arts
Rapid Access VehicleTransportation
Rooms Arbitrary VertexUnclassified
Rotary Airlock ValveMechanics
Recreational Activity VehicleTransportation
Regulated Asset ValueUnclassified
Reploid Age VerificationCommunity
Rashtriya Ayurveda VidyapeethUnclassified
Ridiculously Abbreviated VehicleTransportation
Roberts Amplified VersionUnclassified
Rapid Air VacuumUnclassified
Rapid Attack VehicleTransportation
Realized Absolute ValueUnclassified
Regional Arts VictoriaRegional
Reliable Affordable ValueUnclassified
Restricted Access VehicleTransportation
Rishika Altamash and VishalUnclassified
Risk Assessment ValuesUnclassified
Rugged Adventure VibrantUnclassified
Rugged Adventurous and VibrantUnclassified
Rugged Adventurous VibrantUnclassified
Rural Ambulance VictoriaUnclassified
Ravensource FundToronto Stock Exchange
Reliable Anti VirusIT
Road Assessment VehicleAutomotive
Robotic Air VehicleIEEE
Romanian Anti VirusIT

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