What does RCR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RCR:



Richard Childress RacingCompanies & Firms
Royal Canadian RegimentMilitary
Responsible Conduct of ResearchUniversities
Royal College of RadiologistsProfessional Organizations
Radio Caracas RadioNews & Media
Rotate through Carry RightAssembly
Remote Command RequestNASA
Runway Condition ReadingTransportation
Registered Commodity RepresentativeGeneral Business
Rock Creek RanchCompanies & Firms
Royal City RockersSports
Replica Catalog RedirectionSoftware
Really Can't RaceFunnies
Recessed Carnage RoastersFunnies
Rotator Cuff RepairUnclassified
Risk Control ReviewFDA
River City RegimentNon-Profit Organizations
Regular Car ReviewsUnclassified
Renal Clearance RateBritish Medicine
Resource Cost ReductionUnclassified
Reverse Current RelayUnclassified
Replication Competent RetrovirusFDA
Race Car ReplicasRacing
Recordable Case RateUnclassified
Relative Citation RatioUnclassified
Rental Credit ReportingUnclassified
Responsible Conduct for ResearchResearch
Responsible Conduct in ResearchResearch
Return to Cost RatioUnclassified
Rheumatology Clinical RegistryClinical Medicine
Road cum RailRailroads
Rockfish Cherokee RockfishUnclassified
Rocking Chair RangersUnclassified
Romanian Children's ReliefUnclassified
Room Cavity RatioUnclassified
Rose City RollersUnclassified
Ross Carp RossUnclassified
Roues Canon RenoveUnclassified
Round Corner RadiusUnclassified
Royal Crown RevueUnclassified
Royal Crystal RockUnclassified
Ruder Club RastattClubs
RCR Tomlinson LtdASX Symbols
Repeat Contact RateConstruction
Replication-Competent RetrovirusBritish Medicine
Respiratory Control RatioBritish Medicine
Retrofit Configuration RecordNASA
Retromobil Club RomaniaHobbies
Rolling Circle ReplicationBritish Medicine
Ruby Change RequestSoftware
Run Chicken RunFunnies

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