What does RES stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RES:



ResourceFile Extensions
RestoreGeneral Computing
Renewable Energy SourceUS Government
RPC, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Renewable Energy SourcesEnergy
Red Eared SliderFunnies
Red Ear SliderUnclassified
Remote Execution ServerNetworking
Rudder Elevator SpoilerTransportation
XBoard Resign conferences fileFile Extensions
Rudder Elevator And SpoilerUnclassified
Revised Encoding SchemeCyber & Security
Rudder Elevator And SpoilersTransportation
Rudder, Elevator, and SpoilersMilitary
Rating Evaluation ServiceUnclassified
Resonance Enhancement SystemElectronics
Resistencia, CH, ArgentinaAirport Codes
Recreo Educativo del SoldadoSpanish
Ron E StallsUnclassified
ResourcesGeneral Business
Renewable Energy SystemsEnergy
RESidenceHousing & Amenities
researchBritish Medicine
Reticuloendothelial SysemLaboratory
Resource Environmental SolutionsEnvironmental
Reddit Enhancement SuiteWebsites
residentBritish Medicine
restriction endonucleaseBritish Medicine
Compiled resource (MS C/C++ - Borland C++)File Extensions
Race Equality SchemeBritish Medicine
ReticuloEndothelial SystemHuman Genome
Research and Education SpaceResearch
Reservation Economic SummitConferences
Resource EnvironmentalEnvironmental
Energy SolutionsEnergy
Real Estate SalespersonReal Estate
Renewable Energy SolutionsEnergy
Rotrode Emission SpectrometerUnclassified
Rudder Elevator StabilizerUnclassified
Radiation Exposure StatusMilitary
Radio Equipment SystemsIT
Radionuclide Esophageal ScintigraphyBritish Medicine
Rallye Elba StoricoAutomotive
Rear Entertainment SystemAutomotive
Recall Enterprise SystemFDA
Reduced Emissions Scenario (!)British Medicine
Regal SportAutomotive
Regional Economic Strategy (!)British Medicine
Remote Engine StarterAutomotive
Remote Execution ServiceIT
Remus Exhaust SystemAutomotive
Reproducibility Echocardiography StudyBritish Medicine
Reset ResolutionIT
Resident SizeIT
Resource FileIT
Resource Generation LtdASX Symbols
Restraint SystemsAutomotive
Resume Earlier SpeedAutomotive
reticuloendothelial cell systemMedical
Roary's Eye-magination StationChat
Robots Exclusion StandardIT
Romanian Endurance SeriesAutomotive
Rover Engineering StandardsAutomotive
Royal Economic SocietySocieties
Royal Entomological SocietySocieties
Rugby Est.London Stock Exchange

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