What does RESET stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RESET:



Remember Every Situation Encourages TransformationUnclassified
Regression Equation Specification Error TestUnclassified
Restoring and Educating Survivors to Empowerment and TransformationUnclassified
Resettlement Education Support Employment and TrainingEmployment
Registration Enrichment Support and Educational TrainingEducational
Renew Energize Support Empower and TransformUnclassified
Renewable Energy Shelter and Environment TrainingEnergy
Rafferty Energy System of Easing TemporalEnergy
Rafferty Energy System of Easing the TemporomandibularEnergy
Raising Excitement for Science Engineering andEngineering
Rapid Energy Sports Enhancement TechniqueEnergy
Regenerate the Environment Society and Economy ThroughEconomy
Regional Economic Strategy Executive TeamRegional
Relieve and Eliminate Symptoms Endoscopic TreatmentUnclassified
Renewable Education Sustainable Environment TodayEducational
Research Experiences for STEM Educators and TeachersResearch

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