What does RGI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RGI:



Reproductive Genetics InstituteUniversities
Resource Group InternationalCompanies & Firms
Randers Killam Group, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Richmond Group InternationalCompanies & Firms
Radio Gate InternationalCompanies & Firms
Revenue Growth International, Ltd.Companies & Firms
Religious Guidance For IndonesiansReligion
Romulin Group, Inc.Companies & Firms
Rangiroa Island, Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia, South PacificAirport Codes
Reeder Graphics, Inc.General Computing
Registrar General of IndiaGeneral Business
Research Growth InitiativeUnclassified
Revenue Growth IndexUnclassified
Rajiv Gandhi InternationalInternational
Randolph Glacier InventoryUnclassified
Rare Genomics InstituteInstitutes
Raybourn Group InternationalInternational
RealArcade game installerUnclassified
Realty Growth IncCompanies & Firms
Registered Gas InstallerUnclassified
Rehg Group IncCompanies & Firms
Reinventing Geospatial IncCompanies & Firms
Renewables Grid InitiativeUnclassified
Rent Geared To IncomeUnclassified
Reproductive Genetic InnovationsHuman Genome
Reproductive Gynecology IncCompanies & Firms
Resistance Gene IdentifierUnclassified
Resolution Group InternationalUnclassified
Resource Governance IndexGovernmental
Revenue Generated IndexUnclassified
Revenue Generation IndexUnclassified
Rochester Gear IncCompanies & Firms
Ruimte for Geoinformatie inUnclassified
Rumbaugh Goodwin InstituteInstitutes
Rwanda Girls InitiativeUnclassified
R.g.i. IntlLondon Stock Exchange
Recommended For General InterchangeComputing

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