What does RID stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RID:



Robots In DisguiseFunnies
Registry of Interpreters for the DeafNon-Profit Organizations
Resort Of International DistinctionCompanies & Firms
Registered Irish DraughtFood & Nutrition
Remove Intoxicated DriversNon-Profit Organizations
Review Item DispositionNASA
Ruptured Intervertebral DiscPhysiology
Remote Intrusion DetectorLaw & Legal
Rear Impact DummyTransportation
Restless Irritable And DiscontentPhysiology
Roger In DisguiseFunnies
Richmond, Indiana USAAirport Codes
Regional Interior DesignCommunity
Records Information DocumentationUS Government
DSN Station at Madrid, SpainNASA
Robots In DisrepairScience Fiction
Roza Irrigation District (Washington state)Hydrology
Ridge Resources LtdASX Symbols
Readiness Interest and DecisionUnclassified
Reduce Infection DeathsMedical
Regimented Inmate DisciplineUnclassified
Report Illegal DumpingLaw & Legal
Red Is DeadUnclassified
Regressive Imagery DictionaryUnclassified
Roadway Information DatabaseDatabases
Rapporto Interbancario DirettoUnclassified
Reduced Interferences DistributionUnclassified
Reference Information DocumentsUnclassified
Remission Inducing DrugDrugs
Research Incentive DistributionResearch
Residential Incentive DistrictResidential
Rimessa Interbancaria DirettaUnclassified
Rural Improvement DistrictUnclassified
radial immunodiffusionBritish Medicine
radioimmunodetectionBritish Medicine
Reaction Injection MoldedNASA
Realtime Inter-Network DefenseIT
Recipient IdIT
Record IdentifierIT
Recorder IdentificationIT
Reduction In DistributionIT
Regional Implementation DirectorsBritish Medicine
Registered Interior DesignerCertifications & Diplomas
Reglement International pour le Transport des Merchandises DangereusesAutomotive
Regulations concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by RailWaste Managment
Relative IdIT
Relative IDentifierNetworking
Remission-Inducing DrugBritish Medicine
Remote Isolation DeviceIT
Replacement IdIT
Resource IdIT
Restless, Irritable and DiscontentedBritish Medicine
Retransmission IndicatorIT
Rich Internet DiscussionsIT

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