What does RIP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RIP:



Rest In PeaceCommunity
Raster Image ProcessorGeneral Computing
Regulation of Investigatory PowersUS Government
Rest In piecesFunnies
Requiescat In PaceReligion
Rest In PieceFunnies
Raster Image ProcessingGeneral Computing
Rest In PainFunnies
Recovery Is PossibleUnclassified
Router Information ProtocolGeneral Computing
Remote Imaging ProtocolNetworking
Repeat Induced PointUnclassified
Raster Image ProcessGeneral Computing
Remedy In PlaceNASA
Respiratory Inductance PlethysmographyPhysiology
Raw In ProcessProducts
Rest In PizzaFunnies
The Ranger Indoctrination ProgramUnclassified
Repair In PlaceMilitary
Really Into PartyingFunnies
Ras Interacting ProteinHuman Genome
Reading Improvement ProgramUnclassified
Remote Access GraphicsFile Extensions
Resolute In PunishmentLaw & Legal
Reading Incentive ProgramUnclassified
Randomly Insulting PeopleFunnies
Read, Interpolate, PlotMathematics
Rendering In PenNews & Media
Recreation Internship ProgramOccupation & Positions
Riddled In ParasitesVeterinary
Repair, Inspect, and PaintMilitary
Revelation Investigation And ProsecutionLaw & Legal
Remediation in ProgressUS Government
Russian Imperial PorterOccupation & Positions
Recovery Implementation PlanUnclassified
Regulated Interaction ProtocolSoftware
Quincy Program crash reportFile Extensions
Rap In PrideUnclassified
Rastor Image ProcessingUnclassified
Reductus In Pulvis, Reqviescat In PaceLatin
Real Intense PeopleFunnies
Read, Interpolate, and PlotElectronics
Repeat Internet PacketInternet
Return In PublicUnclassified
Rectuum Invited PartyFunnies
Rude Immature PlayerSports
Rotary Indexing PressNews & Media
Resources Into PixelsGeneral Computing
Reprints and Interactive PermissionsNews & Media
Reality Isn't PerfectFunnies
Richie Is PoorUnclassified
Random Inspired PoetryUnclassified
Maximus 3.0 Telegrafx Remote Imaging ProtocolFile Extensions
Repair Inspecion And PaintUnclassified
Return If PossibleInternet
Rise If PossibleFunnies
Research in ProgressResearch
Rugrats in ParisUnclassified
Restitution Injury and PunishmentUnclassified
Rollins Improv PlayersUnclassified
Really Ignorant Person / PeopleMiscellaneous
Really Important PersonAssociations
Rock In PeaceMusic
Rest In ParadiseMusic
result itimes PollsUnclassified
Reverend Ian PaisleyUnclassified
Retired Improvement ProgrammeUnclassified
Rewrite Initial PostUnclassified
Roast In PeaceHospitals
Really Inspiring PeopleUnclassified
Reconstituted Information ProtocolNetworking
Retired In PostingUnclassified
Responsive Intriguing and ProfessionalUnclassified
Ranger International PerformanceScouting
Really Imperial PropagandaUnclassified
Ranger Indoctrination ProgramUnclassified
Register of Intelligence PublicationsMilitary
Relief In PlaceMedical
Remain In PowerUnclassified
Rest In PeasUnclassified
Resuscitation In ProgressHospitals
Rip It PauseUnclassified
Routing Information ProtocolNetworking
Raised Inter cranial PressureMedical
Rapid Implementation PlanGeneral Computing
Re Investment PlanBanking
Referentne Interkonekcijske PonudeTelecom
Regulated Intramembrane ProteolysisBiology
Regulatory Improvement WorkplanBusiness
Resurrected In PowerUnclassified
Revenge Is PlannedScience Fiction
Rip It To PiecesUnclassified
Run In PaceRacing

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