What does RISE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RISE:



Research Initiative For Scientific EnhancementUniversities
Redefining Investment Strategy EducationUniversities
Resources for Indispensable Schools and EducatorsEducational
Revitalize Iowa's Sound EconomyChemistry
Reactive Intermediates Student ExchangeUniversities
Recreation, Industry, Skills, EducationEducational
Restructuring for Inclusive School EnvironmentsEducational
Reliability Improvement Selected EquipmentMilitary
Response Inducing Sustainability EvaluationHospitals
Respect, Integrity, Strength, and EthicsGeneral Business
Respect, Integrity, Strength, EthicsEducational
Responsibility Initiative Solutions EmpowermentUS Government
Revolutionary, Independent, Solid, EloquentToastmasters
Resource Information Serving EveryoneGeneral Business
Retention Involvement Social EnhancementEducational
Risingville Intercommunity Service EffortCommunity
Relevance Interest Satisfaction And ExpectationsCommunity
Recognition Of Innovation, Support, And ExcellenceGeneral Business
Route Improvement Synthesis and EvaluationTransportation
Realize, Investigate, Surrender, EnjoyEducational
Redefining Investment Strategy And EducationStock Exchange
Research In Stratification and EducationUniversities
RPG Interactive Source EditorSoftware
Respect, Inform, Serve, and ExcelEducational
Raised In Street EnviornmentsLaw & Legal
Respect, Integrity, Success, and EmpowermentGeneral Business
Respect Integrity Support and EmpowermentUnclassified
Reading Increases Student ExcellenceEducational
Realistic Image Synthesis EngineSoftware
Ross Initiative in Sports for EqualitySports
Resurgence and Intuition for Strategic ExcellenceUnclassified
Reliability Improvement of Selected EquipmentMilitary
Responsible Industry for a Sound EnvironmentUnclassified
Reaching Individual Student EngagementStudents
Respect, Integrity, Strength, and ExcellenceEducational
Renew Invest Support and EngageUnclassified
Research Internships in Science and EngineeringAcademic & Science
Research in Science and EngineeringResearch
Reaching Independence through Self EmployemntNon-Profit Organizations
Reaching Inspiring Supporting and EncouragingUnclassified
Refuge Information Support and EducationEducational
Rockwall Indoor Sports ExpoSports
Raising Inspiring Successful EntrepreneursUnclassified
Reaching Intellectual Success and ExcellenceUnclassified
Recognition of Innovation Support and ExcellenceGeneral Business
Recognize Intervene Support and EmpowerUnclassified
Redlands Independent Study EducationEducational
Research Innovation and Scholarship ExpoUnclassified
Resident Intensive Summer ExperienceResidential
Resistence In Systematic EmpowermentGeneral Business
Respect Inspire Support EmpowerUnclassified
Respecting Individual Students ExpectationsStudents
Responsibility Initiative Success EmpowermentUnclassified
Responsibility Integrity Service ExcellenceUnclassified
Restoring Independence Supporting EmpowermentUnclassified
Revitalising of Infrastructure and Systems in EducationEducational
Rhode Islanders Sponsoring EducationEducational
Rotation and Interior Structure ExperimentUnclassified
Rapid-Improvement Support and ExchangeUniversities
Reform of Intermediate and Secondary EducationEducational
Reinforced Impact Safety EvolutionAutomotive
Research In Software EngineeringSoftware
Research Institute in Secure Hardware and Embedded SystemsIT
Responsibility, Initiative, Solutions, and EmpowermentGeneral Business
Rheumatology Informatics System for EffectivenessMedical

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