What does RM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RM:



Risk ManagementUS Government
Resource ManagementMilitary
Real MediaCompanies & Firms
Rack MountMilitary
Reference MaterialsEducational
Reference ModelMilitary
Role ModelEducational
Regional ManagerOccupation & Positions
Royal MailCompanies & Firms
River MileTransportation
Registered MailFBI Files
Ringgit, MalaysiaIndonesian
Rhaeto-RomanceLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Raw MaterialFDA
Requirements ManagementMilitary
Repetition MaximumSports
Rotation MeasureLaboratory
Read ModeGeneral Computing
Run ModeGeneral Computing
Recovery ManagerOccupation & Positions
Rack MountableUnclassified
Rescue MeFunnies
RoutemasterOccupation & Positions
Remy MartinFamous & Celebs
Running ManSports
Reference MethodUnclassified
Resident MagistrateOccupation & Positions
Ringgit MalaysianUnclassified
Roger McguinnFamous & Celebs
Random MapUnclassified
Raden MasSoftware
Retained ModeTransportation
Returned MissionaryReligion
Roman MissalReligion
Reserve MemoryGeneral Computing
Rick MoonenUnclassified
Rumah MakanUnclassified
Return MissionaryReligion
Renaissance ManAnthropology
Rep MaxUnclassified
Return MethodUnclassified
Reglement MensuelGeneral Business
Region ManagerOccupation & Positions
Range MasterMilitary
Rob MyersFamous & Celebs
Raster ManagerGeneral Computing
Remote ManageabilityNetworking
Racing MachineRacing
Rep MaximumUnclassified
Robert MendrallaFamous & Celebs
Retail MarginAccounting
Regular MatrixMathematics
Radio MountainCompanies & Firms
Randy MorrisFamous & Celebs
Rich MullerFamous & Celebs
Roy MichaelUnclassified
Rob MullinsFamous & Celebs
Reconfiguration ModuleNASA
Race ModifiedRacing
Robbie MirandaFamous & Celebs
Refrigerator MobileMilitary
Returning MissionaryReligion
Remove MeansStatistics
Reinhold MerkelbachUnclassified
Repeat MaximumSports
Racial MatterFBI Files
Realaudio Audio FileFile Extensions
Repitition MaximumUnclassified
Roma (Provence)Italian
Remove MonteFunnies
Remix MonoUnclassified
Relic MagnumLaw & Legal
ReichsMark (German national currency during and just before World War II)Nazi Regime
Render MonsterFunnies
Rabid MunkUnclassified
Rap MonsterUnclassified
Racing MidshipRacing
Rendezvous ManeuverNASA
Relationship ManagerUnclassified
Recoltants ManipulantsUnclassified
récoltant manipulantUnclassified
Ruote MotriciUnclassified
Racing ModelRacing
Random MigrationBritish Medicine
Reiki MasterAwards & Medals
Richtmyer MeshkovUnclassified
Rugged MultiUnclassified
Raghead MuhammediUnclassified
redhotsonic and ModuleUnclassified
Resources moduleUnclassified
Risk MultiplierUnclassified
Riley McDonoughUnclassified
Raghead MuhammedUnclassified
Reference MissionNASA
Rifle MarksmanshipUnclassified
Rail MeRailroads
Raw MaterialsUnclassified
Real MeUnclassified
REAL MEpicUnclassified
Really ManlyUnclassified
Regional MeetingRegional
Resource ManagerUnclassified
Rich MotherfUnclassified
Rich Motherf***erSlang
Right MessUnclassified
Rights ManagedUnclassified
Ringgit MalaysiaUnclassified
Radiation MonitoringBritish Medicine
Radiation MyelopathyBritish Medicine
Radical MastectomyBritish Medicine
Radical MastoidectomyBritish Medicine
Radon MonitorBritish Medicine
Range of MovementBritish Medicine
Rashid MinhasNames and Nicknames
Real MarinesMilitary
Records ManagementGeneral Business
Recovery MechanismMilitary
Red MeatFood & Nutrition
Red Mountain, Inc.Business
Red MuscleBritish Medicine
Redemptive MovementPhysiology
Reduction MammaplastyBritish Medicine
Redundancy ManagementNASA
Reference MaterialBritish Medicine
Regional MetastasesBritish Medicine
Registered MidwifeMedical
Rehabilitation MedicineBritish Medicine
Reichert’s membraneBritish Medicine
Reliability and MaintenanceEngineering
Remote ManipulatorNASA
Repeated MiscarriageBritish Medicine
Repressor MaintenanceProducts
Rescue ModuleNASA
Residential MemberCommunity
Resort ManagerOccupation & Positions
Respiratory MovementBritish Medicine
Respiratory MuscleBritish Medicine
Resting MetabolismBritish Medicine
rhabdomyolysisBritish Medicine
Right MidNASA
Royal MarineMilitary
Royal MarinesMilitary
Royal MarsdenBritish Medicine
Ruptured MembraneBritish Medicine
Rural MunicipalityUnclassified

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