What does RMF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RMF:



Resource Measurement FacilityMilitary
Resource Management FacilityGeneral Computing
Rich Music FormatFile Extensions
Risk Management FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Rocky Mountain FreestyleSports
Reputation Management FrameworkCyber & Security
Rich Music Format ( Beatnik)File Extensions
Reggie McKenzie FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Racial Modification FactorLaw & Legal
Royal Marine ForceMilitary
Radio Mobile FreewareSoftware
Risk Management FrameworkManagement
Reliance Mutual FundFunds
Redistribution Matrix FileUnclassified
Required Metabolic FunctionalitiesUnclassified
Rail Miniature FlashRailroads
Requirements Modeling FrameworkUnclassified
Regional Maximum FloodRegional
Rendering Mechanism FormatUnclassified
René Moawad FoundationFoundations
Retirement Mutual FundFunds
Root Mass FractionUnclassified
Rocky Mountain FabricationUnclassified
Regina Minor FootballFootball
Required Minimum FunctionalityUnclassified
Research on Money and FinanceResearch
Researcher Microdata FileResearch
Retarded Muppit FarmFarming & Agriculture
Racine Metal FabUnclassified
Rackham Merit FellowshipUnclassified
Radar Meteorological FlightMeteorology
Raster Matrix FormatUnclassified
Real Medicine FoundationFoundations
Redox Modulating FormulaUnclassified
Remote Management FacilityManagement
Renaissance Medical FoundationMedical
Reservoir Microbiology ForumForums
Responsible Mining FoundationFoundations
Reverse Mortgage FundingMortgage
Risk Management FrameworksManagement
Roblox Minecraft FortniteUnclassified
Robotics Middleware FrameworkRobotics
Rolando Mineral FriendsUnclassified
Rotating Magnetic FieldUnclassified
Roy Metal FinishingUnclassified
RPG Maker ForumsForums
Ruskin Moscou FaltischekUnclassified
Random Mechanical FailureAutomotive
Ranger Memorial FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
RCS Module ForwardNASA
Read Me FileIT
Read Me FirstChat
Real Media FileIT
Resource Monitoring FacilityIT
Ribosome Modulation FactorLaboratory
Rich Map FormatUnclassified
Rights Management FileIT
The Rude, the Mad, and the FunnyFunnies

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