What does ROAD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ROAD:



Roadway Express, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Reality Of Amy DumasUnclassified
Retired On Active DutyMilitary
Reclaim Our Allocated DollarsUS Government
Rapid Object Application DevelopmentGeneral Computing
Repository Of Academic DocumentsUniversities
Record Of Achievement And DevelopmentDevelopment
Ryosan Originality For Advancing DreamsCommunity
The Reality Of Amy DumbassUnclassified
Riders Of American DefenceUS Government
Rural Organization For Advancement And DevelopmentCommunity
Rainforests Organizations and AdvocatesUnclassified
Residents Overcoming Addictive DisordersLaw & Legal
Rural Organization for Agricultural DevelopmentWebsites
Resolve, Outlook, Association, and DispositionManagement
Read,Observe, Ask, DiscoverStudents

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