What does ROC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ROC:



Republic of ChinaUS Government
Receiver operating characteristicElectronics
Receiver Operating CharacteristicsMilitary
Rensselaer Outing ClubSports
Reign Of ChaosMilitary
Registrar of CompaniesGeneral Business
Greater Rochester International AirportTransportation
Regionaal Opleidingen CentrumUniversities
Receiver Operating CurveElectronics
Russian Orthodox ChurchReligion
Recovery Oriented ComputingGeneral Computing
Receiver Operator CharacteristicsNASA
Rules Of ConductMilitary
Return On CapitalAccounting
Reconstruction Of ColorLaw & Legal
Rock Out CensorshipCommunity
Russian Organized CrimePolice
Radius Of CurvatureMathematics
Radar Operations CenterMeteorology
Republic Of CyprusCountries
Remote Operation ControlElectronics
Redwall Online CommunityCommunity
Regional Oversight CommitteeGeneral Business
Required Operational CapabilityMilitary
Restoration Of ColorPerforming Arts
Regional Operation CenterMilitary
Remote Operations ControllerMilitary
Report On CarcinogensOncology
Residents On CampusUniversities
Right Of CenterPolitics
Revitalizing Our CommunityCommunity
Recreation Outreach CenterCommunity
Resort Owners CoalitionNon-Profit Organizations
Republic Of ConfusionFunnies
Reactive Opponent ControlMilitary
Rail Operations CenterTransportation
Relying On ChristReligion
Resident Owned CommunityCommunity
Reaching Others for ChristReligion
Rest Of CountryState & Local
Remote Object CommunicationsElectronics
Reach Out for ChristReligion
Renewable Obligation CertificateStock Exchange
Reduce Oil ConsumptionTransportation
Recovery Of ColorPhotography & Imaging
Reaching Out for ChristReligion
Raps On ContactFunnies
Radford On CameraCommunity
Rotors Over CarolinaHobbies
Reach Out and CareCommunity
Representative Of ChristReligion
Regional Organizing ConventionPolitics
Representatives Of ChristReligion
Rebuilding Our CommunityCommunity
Reality Of CombatMilitary
Region Operating CommitteeUS Government
Restore Old ColorAssembly
Retail Only CustomerGeneral Business
Resource for Opportunity and ChangeCommunity
Ridgeview Outreach CenterCommunity
Recognition Of CharacterCommunity
Response Operator CurveElectronics
Retail Only ConsumerAccounting
Rolling Outcome ChartGeneral Business
Rulers Of CheatsSports
Remembering Our CultureState & Local
Running On CreditAccounting
Radical Outreach for ChristReligion
Radical Outdoor CommunityCommunity
Greater Rochester International Airport, Rochester, New York USAAirport Codes
Real Outrageous CharacterFunnies
Rejects Of CramerUniversities
Republic Of China Taiwan FundNYSE Symbols
Restore Old ColorsSoftware
Reliance On ChristReligion
Republic Of CrimeFunnies
Rivettin Orgiastic CacophonyMusic
Rehearsal of ConceptMilitary
Revisores Oficiais de Contas (Portugal)Accounting
Redemption Online ChampionshipSports
Repeat Offender CourtLaw & Legal
Recreation and Outreach CenterParks & Recreation
Republic of CongoUnclassified
Rochester Orienteering ClubClubs
Rocketry Organization of CaliforniaUnclassified
Resident Owned CommunitiesCommunity
Return Our ConstitutionPolitics
Revival Outreach CenterUnclassified
Rise Of Chronicle computer gameSports
Real Office CenterUnclassified
Reflections of ChristUnclassified
Resuscitation Outcomes ConsortiumConsortiums
Return Of ContributionUnclassified
Ridiculous Obstacle ChallengeUnclassified
Regional Occupational CenterRegional
Registrar of ContractorsContractors
Remote Operations ControllersUnclassified
Resilience Optimism and ConfidenceUnclassified
Restaurant Opportunities CenterRestaurants
Restaurant Opportunities CentersRestaurants
Rock On, CitizensCommunity
Race Of ChampionsUnclassified
Radar Observer CourseUnclassified
Read Out ControllerUnclassified
Real Office CentersUnclassified
receiver operating characteristicsГUnclassified
Record Of CommentsNASA
Recreation Opportunities for ChildrenParks & Recreation
Redeeming Our CommunitiesCommunity
Reference Ordering CustomerUnclassified
Reflection Of ChristUnclassified
Regenerative Organic CertificationCertifications & Diplomas
Regenerative Organic CertifiedCertifications & Diplomas
Regional Open CircuitRegional
Regulatory Oversight CommitteeCommittees
Reinvent Our CallingUnclassified
Relative Operating CharacteristicUnclassified
Remote Operations CompanyCompanies & Firms
Renew Our CommunityCommunity
Reno Orthopedic ClinicUnclassified
Required Operational CapabilitiesUnclassified
Response Options CalculatorUnclassified
Restoring Our CommunityCommunity
Return of CapitalUnclassified
Revenue Optimization ConferenceConferences
Roar Of CougarsUnclassified
Rocky Orienteering CircusUnclassified
Row Optical CorrelatorUnclassified
Rowdy Old CaucasionsUnclassified
Run of CategoryUnclassified
Run Of ChannelUnclassified
Rabbit Owner's ClubAutomotive
Railton Owners ClubAutomotive
Rapid Oil ChangeAutomotive
Rate Of ChangeUnclassified
Read Out ChipIT
Receiver Operator CharacteristicPhysics
Record Of ChargeAccounting
Record of ConsignmentMilitary
Recreational Outdoor CampusSports
Redline Owners ClubHobbies
Region Of ConvergenceMathematics
Regional Operating CompanyIT
Regional Operations CenterNASA
Register Of CopyrightsIT
Regulatory Operating CostsIT
Reliant Owners ClubAutomotive
Renault Oldie ClubAutomotive
Renault Owners ClubAutomotive
Renewables Obligation CertificatesWaste Managment
Report On ComplianceIT
Request of ChangeNASA
Required obstacle clearanceAircraft & Aviation
Restaurant Operations ManagerRestaurants
Ridgeline Owners ClubAutomotive
Ripon Old CarsAutomotive
Risk Of CollisionAutomotive
Roadsters Owner's ClubAutomotive
Roc Oil Company LtdASX Symbols
Rollover Car CrashAutomotive
Rover Owners ClubAutomotive
Rubicon Owners ClubAutomotive
Rubicon Owners of CaliforniaAutomotive
Run Out CompensationAutomotive

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