What does ROSE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ROSE:



Remote Operations Service ElementTelecom
Rural Oxidants in the Southern EnvironmentOcean Science
Regaining One's Self EsteemNon-Profit Organizations
Recycled Oil Saves EnergyEnergy
Rural Ontario Sharing EducationEducational
Recycling Oil Saves The EnvironmentCommunity
Recovery Of Oil Saves The EnvironmentUnclassified
Reengineering Of Software EvolutionGeneral Business
Recognition Of Superior EffortUniversities
Remembering Our Sisters EverydayCommunity
Resources Organized To Serve EldersCommunity
Regional Open Systems For EducationEducational
Rape On Sunday EveningLaw & Legal
Respect Objectivity Stance EfficiencyCommunity
Recognition Of Signicant EffortsGeneral Business
Recreating Our School EnvironmentSchools
Rescuing Orion Safely And EfficientlyUnclassified
Rotarians Outstanding Social EventsCommunity
The Ryd Operating System ExperimentUnclassified
Research Opportunities Scholarships And EnrichmentUniversities
Repository of Scholarly EprintsUnclassified
Read Out Support EquipmentUnclassified
Reaching Our Sisters EverywhereUnclassified
Remote Operation Service ElementUnclassified
Rush On Seven EpisodesUnclassified
Rapid on-site cytopathologic evaluationOncology
RosalynNames and Nicknames
Roxanne Optimal Strand EstimatorUnclassified

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