What does RPD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RPD:



Recurrent Pattern DetectionSoftware
Racoon Police DepartmentFunnies
Rochester Police DepartmentLaw & Legal
Richmond Police DepartmentLaw & Legal
Database (RapidFile)File Extensions
Repunched DateCoins
Road Policing DepartmentPolice
Rapid Prototyping DevelopmentMilitary
Revenue Processing DivisionAccounting
Respuestas a Preguntas DificilesSpanish
Raccoon Police DepartmentLaw & Legal
Research and Publication DepartmentUniversities
Dispatch Management Services CorporationAMEX Symbols
Reach Per DollarUS Government
Reactor Physics DivisionPhysics
Rochester Police Department'sPolice
RIB Project DatabaseDatabases
Reno Police DepartmentPolice
Raleigh Police DepartmentPolice
Random Productivity DerailingGeneral Business
Racing Product DivisionRacing
Rickabaugh Pentecost DevelopmentDevelopment
Radiation Protection DosimetryUnclassified
Remanufactured Products DivisionProducts
Rite of Parental DivinationCommunity
Remote Presence DeviceUnclassified
Renewable Power DirectUnclassified
Riverside Police DepartmentPolice
Rockets Power DancersUnclassified
Random Pavarotti DiseaseDiseases
Rare Pediatric DiseasePediatric
Rate of Perceived DyspneaUnclassified
Raw Paleolithic DietFood & Nutrition
Recognition Primed DecisionUnclassified
Recreation and Park DepartmentParks & Recreation
Redding Police DepartmentPolice
Rehabilitation Programs DivisionRehabilitation
Relative Percent DeviationUnclassified
Relative Percent DifferenceUnclassified
Relative Power DifferenceUnclassified
Relic Per DayUnclassified
Remote PHY DevicesUnclassified
Remote Power DistributionUnclassified
Request for Production of DocumentsUnclassified
Residual Prediction DeviationUnclassified
Return Path DataUnclassified
Return Path DemodulatorUnclassified
Reverse Phone DirectoryUnclassified
Rite of Parent DivinationUnclassified
Rockford Park DistrictParks & Recreation
Rockport Police DepartmentPolice
Rockville Police DepartmentPolice
Rolling Paper DepotUnclassified
Rope Position DetectionUnclassified
Ruchnoy Pulemet DegtyarovaUnclassified
Ruchnoy Pulemyot DegtyarevaUnclassified
Rural Philanthropy DaysUnclassified
Rapid DeploymentMilitary
Rapidfile DatabaseIT
Reconfigurable Performance DisplayAutomotive
Recursive Per DomainIT
Remote Printer DespoolerIT
Remote Prnd DisplayAutomotive
Removable Partial DentureMedical
Renal Pelvic DiameterPhysiology
Residential Planned DevelopmentCommunity
Retrieval and Punishment DepartmentWebsites
Right Posterior DescendingPhysiology
Road Profile DetectionAutomotive
Roll-Over Protection DeviceAutomotive
Ruchnoy Pulemyot DegtyaryovaUnclassified
Russian Pulsejet DocumentMilitary

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