What does RR. stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RR.:



RailRoadInternational Business
Research ReportUniversities
Rolls RoyceCompanies & Firms
Relative RiskGeneral Business
Rail RoadRailroads
Response RatePhysiology
Risk ReductionOcean Science
Round RobinNetworking
Round RockState & Local
Re ReadingEducational
Respiratory RatePhysiology
Risk RatioMathematics
Resource RecordGeneral Computing
Rapid RiseChemistry
Recruitment and RetentionMilitary
Road RacingRacing
Roy RogersFamous & Celebs
Run RunSports
Rural RouteUS Government
Registered RepresentativeOccupation & Positions
Religious RightReligion
Removal RateElectronics
Consolidated Rail CorporationRailroads
Recovery RoomPhysiology
Re RegisterUniversities
Reading RecoveryGeneral Computing
Rest and RelaxationPhysiology
River RatsMilitary
Richie RichFamous & Celebs
Re ReviewUS Government
Roundup ReadyUnclassified
Range RoverTransportation
Roller RockerSports
Readiness ReviewMilitary
Red RainMeteorology
Requirements ReviewMilitary
Recognition RatePhysiology
Richard RussellFamous & Celebs
Receive ReadyNetworking
Regional RadioNews & Media
Road ReadyTransportation
Reporting ResponsibilityMilitary
Race ReadyRacing
Road RollerTransportation
Receiver ReadyTelecom
Register ReadAssembly
Race ReplicaRacing
Rural ReconstructionUS Government
Regular RhythmPhysiology
Ranch RoadTransportation
Rational RecoveryPhysiology
Rock RulesNews & Media
Resonance RamanUnclassified
Reference RangeMilitary
Road RacerRacing
Red RibbonUnclassified
Ready ReactionUnclassified
Rural ResidentialHousing & Amenities
Royal RedColors
Run RestSports
Results ReadyUniversities
Reichard RacingCompanies & Firms
Royal RangerMilitary
Robert RileyFamous & Celebs
Request ReturnUnclassified
Random RamblingChat
Request ResourceNetworking
Reference ReceiverMilitary
Required ReservesUnclassified
Receiving RecordAccounting
Radio ReadyUnclassified
Reflexive RelationPhysiology
Radical RightPolitics
Racing ReplicaRacing
Radio and RecordsNews & Media
Raymond RichardNames and Nicknames
Reading RenaissanceEducational
Rounds RemainingMilitary
Registration RoomUniversities
Reverse RotationPhysics
Rejection RegionStatistics
Reliable and ResponsibleEducational
Rat RacingRacing
Really RedColors
Resources and RecordsGeneral Business
Regular RelationCommunity
Reykjanes RidgeGeology
Reichsleiter RosenbergFamous & Celebs
Remittance RegulationsUnclassified
Rebel RocketMilitary
Relevant RankMilitary
Rugged RecordsCompanies & Firms
Refit and RepairMilitary
Ruggedness And ReliabilityUnclassified
Raised RailRailroads
Rethink RecyclingCommunity
Relaxed RiderTransportation
Rubber RandUnclassified
Reinassance RidgeUnclassified
Relevant RanksMathematics
Retarded RepublicansFunnies
Radio RetransmissionAmateur Radio
Reify ReflectLinguistics
Royce RealmCommunity
Rapid RetrieveUnclassified
Rough RidersMilitary
Rural RemainderFarming & Agriculture
Remove to RecyclingCommunity
Rookies RestrictedSports
Repeat ReminderTexting
Rowdy RochelleFunnies
Ramage and RamageCompanies & Firms
Rehabilitate and RemoveRehabilitation
Renderzone RadiosityUnclassified
Rate of ReturnUnclassified
Russian RiverFood & Nutrition
Respiration RateNASA
Road RunnerUnclassified
railroad ThereRailroads
Ragnorak RaidersUnclassified
Retain and RecallUnclassified
Relative risksUnclassified
Rally RaidUnclassified
Railroad RRRailroads
Rain RateUnclassified
Randy RhoadsUnclassified
Rapid ReleaseUnclassified
Rb ResetUnclassified
Real RateUnclassified
Really RazyUnclassified
Recall RecommendationFDA
Recycled RubberUnclassified
Request for reexaminationUnclassified
Reserve RatioUnclassified
Riff RepeaterUnclassified
Rafter RatPolice
Raging RedColors
Rainfall RunoffMeteorology
Random ReflectedPhysics
Range RateNASA
Rapid RehabilitationRehabilitation
Raritan River Railroad (Conrail)Railroads
Rarum RarisimusLibraries
Rate RatioMathematics
Ravens RidgeCommunity
Re-RecordingNews & Media
Reattack RecommendationMilitary
Rectal RingVeterinary
Red RoseChat
Rendezvous RadarNASA
Repeatedly ReactiveFDA
Resistance RollUnclassified
Restricted from ReturningInvestments
Revenue RecognitionAccounting
Right RearUnclassified
Ring RoadAcademic & Science
Risk ReversalGeneral Business
Rolled RoofingConstruction
Rolls-Royce Engine DesignationAircraft & Aviation
Rugged RidgeGeology
Russian RouletteUnclassified
Rolls-royce HlgLondon Stock Exchange

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