What does RRD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RRD:



R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company, PrintersCompanies & Firms
Round Robin DatabaseDatabases
Roberto Ricci DesignsCompanies & Firms
Research Reactors DivisionMilitary
Radio Research DetachmentMilitary
Regimental Reconnaissance DetachmentMilitary
Reactor Radiation DivisionMilitary
Replacement Regulating DetachmentMilitary
Reduced Resolution DataSoftware
Recurrence Rate DataNASA
Regular Retirement DateMilitary
Resonant Reed DecoderCyber & Security
Round Robin DataNetworking
Removal of Rigid DressingPhysiology
Required Reply DateUS Government
Redeemed Resurrected DeliveredReligion
Regional Readiness DataMilitary
Raw Radar DataMilitary
Reliability Requirements DatabaseMilitary
Radar Range DevelopmentUS Government
Really, Really DumbChat
Receive, Record, DisplayGeneral Computing
Removal - Replacement DataMilitary
Really Really DumbChat
Reduced Resolution DatasetMathematics
R R DonnelleyUnclassified
RR DonnelleyUnclassified
Reasonable Rate DocumentsUnclassified
Recordati Rare DiseasesDiseases
Red River DeltaUnclassified
Redused Resolution DatasetUnclassified
Remediation and Redevelopment DivisionDevelopment
Rhegmatogenous Retinal DetachmentUnclassified
Radiant Radical and DynamicDomain Names
Radiant, Radical, and DynamicTexting
Rolls-Royce DeutschlandCompanies & Firms

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