What does RSO stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RSO:



Roger & Sherry Olsen LivestockCompanies & Firms
Registered Student OrganizationUniversities
Revised Statutes of OntarioCanadian
Regina Symphony OrchestraMusic
Registered Sex OffenderPolice
Round, Square, and OvalOccupation & Positions
Roanoke Symphony OrchestraMusic
Road Safety OfficerPolice
Retirement Services OfficerOccupation & Positions
Rectified Skew OrthomorphicMathematics
Reconnaissance Systems OfficerMilitary
Rapid Scan OperationGeneral Computing
Regional Support OrganizationMilitary
Reconnaissance and Surveillance OperationMilitary
Robert Stigwood OrganizationCompanies & Firms
RIMCO Support OfficeCompanies & Firms
Rochester Student OrganizationUniversities
Robert Stigwood OrganisationUnclassified
Radiographic safety officerUnclassified
Range Safety OfficerMilitary
Recognized Student OrganizationStudents
Rock S*** OnChat
Recognized Student OrganizationsStudents
Refinery Safety OverviewUnclassified
Regional Sales OfficeRegional
Retirement Services OfficeUnclassified
Roanoke SymphonyMusic
Rockford Symphony OrchestraMusic
Recognized Service OrganizationsUnclassified
Registered Student OrganizationsStudents
Robert StigwoodUnclassified
Rock Solid OrganizationUnclassified
Radiation Safety OfficersUnclassified
Radiation Service OfficerUnclassified
Radiation Service OrganizationUnclassified
Rainbow Service OrganizationUnclassified
Reality Sports OnlineSports
Recognized Security OrganizationUnclassified
Recognized Service OrganizationUnclassified
Regimental Supply OfficerUnclassified
Regional Sub OfficeRegional
Regionalny System OstrzeganiaUnclassified
Registered Service OrganizationUnclassified
Rent Stabilization OrdinanceUnclassified
Resident Services OfficeResidential
Resident Surgical OfficerSurgical
Rick Simpson OilUnclassified
Ridiculously Showing OffUnclassified
Rock Sh*t OnUnclassified
Rough Stud OpeningUnclassified
Radiation Safety OfficerFDA
Radiological Safety OfficeNASA
Regional Security OfficerMilitary
Regional Support OfficeNon-Profit Organizations
Registered Safety OfficerGovernmental
Right superior obliqueMedical

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