What does RSRI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RSRI:



Red Sands Research InstituteMiscellaneous
REST Society for Research InternationalInternational
Refugee Self Reliance InitiativeUnclassified
Regents Scholar Research InitiativeResearch
Regents Scholars Research InitiativeResearch
Regroupements Sectoriels de Recherche IndustrielleUnclassified
Restraint Seclusion Reduction InitiativeUnclassified
Retrospective Self Report of InhibitionUnclassified
Reversible Single Radioactive ImmunodiffusionUnclassified
Robinson Stafford Rude IncCompanies & Firms
Routine Site Review InspectionUnclassified
Rudi Schulte Research InstituteResearch

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