What does RTR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RTR:



Ready To RunSports
Road To RecoveryPhysiology
Ready To RumbleLaw & Legal
Remote Transmitter/ReceiverTransportation
Real-Time ReportingElectronics
Response To RequestNetworking
Ready To RebuildCommunity
Recruit Training RegimentMilitary
Ready To ReturnMilitary
Real Time ReliableGeneral Computing
Rob Transport RobFunnies
Right To ResideCommunity
Rear Tread RemovedTransportation
Realized Trading ReturnsStock Exchange
Relative Transmission RiskLaboratory
Request Take ReleaseNetworking
Results Through ReferralsOccupation & Positions
Automatic Commercial Exchange Securities Trust INYSE Symbols
Role, Task, and ReportGeneral Business
Roll Tide RollSports
Racing Throttle ResponseRacing
Ready To RockUnclassified
Ready To RaceRacing
Ready to RollUnclassified
Rubber Tramp RendezvousUnclassified
Record To ReportingBusiness
Residual Tissue RepositoryUnclassified
Real time reliabilityUnclassified
Relationships Trust ResultsUnclassified
Real Time RatingUnclassified
Response Time ReporterSoftware
Recruiting Training and ResearchResearch
Rundfunk Telekom RegulierungsUnclassified
Reliable Transaction RouterUnclassified
Ride The RockiesUnclassified
Richmond Teacher ResidencyEducational
Restore the RepublicUnclassified
Right to RebelUnclassified
Rapid Tension ReliefUnclassified
Real Time ReportingUnclassified
Registered Technologist RadiographyUnclassified
Remittance Transfer ReceiptGovernmental
Rent the RunwayUnclassified
Reorganization Through ReductionUnclassified
Return To RavnicaUnclassified
Right to RepresentUnclassified
Risk and Technology ReviewTechnology
Road To ResponsibilityUnclassified
Roll Tucker RollUnclassified
Russell Tyler RuthtonUnclassified
Real-Time RingNASA
Recall Termination RecommendationFDA
Record To ReportAccounting
Reinforced Thermosetting ResinPlastics
Respect the ResistanceGaming
RevenueShares ADR Fund™NYSE Symbols
Reverse Tine TillerProducts
Royal Tank RegimentMilitary
Rumble Resources, LimitedASX Symbols

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