What does RVM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RVM:



Research Virtual MachineHardware
Research Value MappingUniversities
Recoverable Virtual MemoryGeneral Computing
Remote Video MonitoringLaw & Legal
Remote Volume MirrorHardware
Recovery Voltage MeterElectronics
Remote Viewing ModuleSoftware
Religious Order of the Virgin Mary, CongregationReligion
Ruby Version ManagerSoftware
Reverse Vending MachineWaste Managment
Runtime Version ManagerUnclassified
Reduce Vibration MaterialUnclassified
Reference Verification MethodologyUnclassified
Relevance Vector MachineUnclassified
Reverse Vending MachinesUnclassified
Rostral Ventromedial MedullaUnclassified
Retail Value ManagementGeneral Business
Revett Minerals, Inc.Toronto Stock Exchange

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