What does S.T.D stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand S.T.D:



Sexually Transmitted DiseasePhysiology
Short Term DisabilityUS Government
Sao Tome DobraCurrencies
Security Tools DistributionCyber & Security
Saves The DayOccupation & Positions
State Transition DiagramGeneral Computing
Save The DateTexting
Severe Tire DamageTransportation
Sigma Tau DeltaStudents
Stop The DiseaseFunnies
Set Direction FlagAssembly
Software Test DescriptionMilitary
Sacrae Theologiae DoctorAcademic Degrees
Banco Santander Cent HispanoNYSE Symbols
Subscriber Trunk DialingNews & Media
Synthetic Training DeviceMilitary
Started Trial DogDogs Related
Selling The DramaNews & Media
Santo Domingo, VenezuelaAirport Codes
Simple To DesignSoftware
LocoScript StandardFile Extensions
Skin Test DosePhysiology
Salinity, Temperature, and DepthOcean Science
Shoot The DummyLaw & Legal
State Transition Diagram graphics fileFile Extensions
Standard DeviationMathematics
Skeletal Transcript DatabaseHuman Genome
Sexual Tension DisorderPhysiology
Simon Tissot DupontFamous & Celebs
Sweet Translucent DreamsChat
Small Testicle DisorderPhysiology
Some Thing DuhChat
Secondary Telecom DistrictTelecom
Scriptures Temple DatingReligion
Snails Taste DeliciousFunnies
Sterilized Testing DeveloperLaboratory
Standard Transmission DifficultiesNASA
Someone Truly DivineReligion
Standing Tremor DisorderPhysiology
Stop, Treat, and DestroyBotany
Skip Tooth DesignProducts
Super Toddler DroolFunnies
Substitute Trustee's DeedHousing & Amenities
Subarashii Tomodachi Doushi (means Best Friends)International
Soft Touch DenialChat
Stuart Tyrrell Developments (Company)Companies & Firms
Sexually Transmitted DiseasesDiseases
Standard Time DepartureAircraft & Aviation
Scheduled Time of DepartureAircraft & Aviation
Short Term DebtMortgage
Short Tiny DancersPerforming Arts
Doctor of Sacred TheologyAcademic Degrees
Subscriber Trunk DiallingTelecom
Syrian Terrorist DetectorMilitary
Sheep Transmitted DiseaseVeterinary
Small Tiny DogsDogs Related
Sexualy Transmited DiseaseDiseases
Standard Trunk DialingUnclassified
Super Tool DestructionUnclassified
Solar Terrestrial DispatchUnclassified
Sao Tomean DobraUnclassified
Seize The DayUnclassified
Sexual Transmitted DiseaseDiseases
Sexual Transmitted DiseasesDiseases
sexually transmitted disease—butDiseases
Skinnies Trannies and DropsUnclassified
Staroffice Template DrawingUnclassified
State Territory DistrictState & Local
STD Transmitting DinosaurUnclassified
Short-Term DepressionPhysiology
Short-Term DisabilityGeneral Business
Shut The DoorFunnies
Shuttle Test DirectorNASA
Software Test DocumentComputing
Software Tool and DieCompanies & Firms
Split The DifferenceMiscellaneous
ST-segment depressionBritish Medicine
Subscribers Trunk DiallingGeneral Business

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