What does SAFE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SAFE:



Safe And Friendly EnvironmentLaw & Legal
Security and Freedom Through EncryptionNetworking
South Africa and Far EastRegional
State Administration of Foreign ExchangeGovernmental
Security And Freedom EnsuredUS Government
Invivo CorporationNASDAQ Symbols
Self Abuse Finally EndsHospitals
Sexual Assault Forensic ExaminerOccupation & Positions
Sexual Assault Forensic ExaminationLaw & Legal
Student Association For Freedom Of ExpressionUniversities
Substance Abuse Free EnvironmentEducational
Safety Awareness For EveryoneEducational
Student Awareness Of Fire EducationEducational
Safety Advancement For EmployeesGeneral Business
Services Against Financial ExclusionUS Government
Sexual Assault Free EnvironmentLaw & Legal
Strategic Action For EmergenciesUS Government
Serostatus Approach To Fighting The EpidemicLaboratory
Skills And Assets For ExcellenceEducational
Security Awareness For EmployeesGeneral Business
Security And Freedom EnhancedMilitary
Setting Addicts Free EternallyLaw & Legal
Secure And Fast EncryptionCyber & Security
Survivors And Allies For EducationEducational
Seniors Against Fraud And ExploitationLaw & Legal
Safety Assessment For EmergenciesHospitals
South American and Far EastRegional
Safeguarding America For EveryoneMilitary
Student Alliance For EqualityUniversities
Strategic Actions For EmergenciesCommunity
Smurf Amplifier Finding ExecutiveFunnies
Supporting A Friendly EnvironmentEducational
Standard Annual Frequency EstimateUS Government
Schools Against Fearful EnvironmentsEducational
Student Assistance and Family EmpowermentEducational
Southwest Association of Future EducatorsProfessional Organizations
Solvent Abuse Foundation for EducationNon-Profit Organizations
Smoke Alarms For Every HomeHousing & Amenities
Student Action For The EarthUniversities
Sustainable Agriculture Food EnterprisesCompanies & Firms
Simple Algorithm For Fragmentation EliminationSoftware
Secure Approved Family EnvironmentFilm Censorship
Save A Family EnvironmentCommunity
Seek And Find EncouragementEducational
Safe, Active, and Family EnvironmentEducational
Southern African Fund for EducationNon-Profit Organizations
Salvation Army Fellowship of EndeavourNon-Profit Organizations
Synthetic Agreement for Foreign ExchangeStock Exchange
Successful Alternatives For EducationEducational
Stay Alert For The EdgeMilitary
Staff Against Falls EverywhereGeneral Business
Secure Automated Financial ExchangeAccounting
Stars Are For EveryoneCommunity
Students Are For EducationUniversities
Student Action For EqualityEducational
Save Animals From EliminationNon-Profit Organizations
Student Association Funded EscortUniversities
Sears Anderson Fire ExtinguisherProducts
Safety Awareness Faith EmpowermentReligion
Scream Avoid Fight EscapeLaw & Legal
A Safer Australia For EveryoneAustralian
Sexual Abuse For EveryoneLaw & Legal
Spiritual Ambassadors For EveryoneReligion
Substance and Alcohol Free EnvironmentLaw & Legal
Sun Air Food And ExerciseSports
Support Abatement Forfeiture EnforcementLaw & Legal
Sponsor A Family: EmpowerCommunity
Stable And Free EternallyReligion
Secure Avenue For ExchangeGeneral Business
Saving A Future EverydayCommunity
Simple, Appropriate, Functional, and EconomicalMarketing
Stabilization Assessment And Family EvaluationCommunity
Serve Accept Facilitate And EquipMilitary
Sexuality Advocacy For EveryoneEducational
Safety Abuse and Fraud EducationCommunity
Safety Awareness, Faith, and EmpowermentReligion
Safely Affected Felony EntryPolice
Safety Awareness From EducationEducational
Smart Affordable Fast EnterprisingGeneral Business
Sharing Adventure, Fellowship, And ExperienceReligion
Sociedad AnĂ³nima de Fabricados EspecialesSpanish
Support Advocacy Families And EducationCommunity
Strategic Action For EmergencyState & Local
Safe Alternatives For EmployeesGeneral Business
Security Application For EnterpriseUnclassified
Stroke Alliance for EuropeAlliances
Simulated Atomic Fission EnginePhysics
Special Application Function EnvironmentGeneral Computing
Stop Abuse For EveryoneCommunity
Samsung Approved for EnterpriseUnclassified
Scope Analyze Formulate ExecuteGeneral Business
Secure Access For EnterpriseUnclassified
Simple Agreement for Future EquityUnclassified
Support-to-Analysis File EnvironmentMilitary
Saving Animals From EuthanasiaAnimals
Saving Antiquities for EveryoneUnclassified
Signatures Authentication For EveryoneUnclassified
Secular Avenue for ExitUnclassified
Self Actualized And Fully EdifiedEducational
Steel Abrasive Finishing EquipmentUnclassified
Alternatives for EveryoneUnclassified
Saving Animals From ExtinctionAnimals
Seatbelts Are For EveryoneUnclassified
Second Amendment and Freedom ErosionUnclassified
Secure Access For EveryoneUnclassified
Securing Access to Free ExpressionUnclassified
Sensor Assisted Flight EnvelopeUnclassified
Single Adult Fellowship And EdificationReligion
Situational Awareness for EnhancedUnclassified
Skills Attitude Facts EquipmentGeneral Business
Soldiers And Families EmbracedUnclassified
Struggle Against Financial ExploitationFinance
Supporting Autism and Families EverywhereAutism
Survivors and Advocates For EmpowermentUnclassified
System to Avoid Fraud EffectivelyUnclassified
Safe Affordable Fission EngineUnclassified
Safe Automotive Software ArchitectureAutomotive
Safer Affordable Fuel EfficientAutomotive
SafestoreLondon Stock Exchange
Safety and Farm Labor Vehicle EducationAutomotive
San Andreas Fault ExperimentNASA
San Diego Service Authority for Freeway EmergenciesAutomotive
Santa Fe Sauce Viejo, ArgentinaAirport Codes
Santa Fe, ArgentinaAirport Codes
Secure Analyst File EnvironmentMilitary
Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage LendingCredit Unions
Selected Area For EvasionMilitary
Sepis At First EncounterMedical
Serenity Exercise Love and FoodHealthcare
Sistema de Asistencia Al Frenado de EmergenciaAutomotive
Society for Automotive Fitness and EnvironmentAutomotive
Society of Aviation and Flight EducatorsProfessional Organizations
Software Assurance Forum for ExcellenceIT
Solar Array Flight ExperimentNASA
Solvent-Assisted Flavor EvaporationBotany
Speed, Aperture, Focus, ExposePhotography & Imaging
Spiritually Affirming Friends EverywhereReligion
Stand Alone Fax EncryptorIT
Stanley Automotive Finance EnterprisesAutomotive
Stop, Approach, Free, EvaluateMilitary
Strengthen And Fortify Existing bridges actTransportation
Survivor Activating Factor EnhancementUnclassified
Synchronized Armed Forces EuropeMilitary

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