What does SAPS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SAPS:



South African Police ServiceLaw & Legal
Sheep Annual Premium SchemeFarming & Agriculture
Science And Plants for SchoolsBotany
Statistical Analysis of Protein SequencesLaboratory
Small Area Population StatisticsUS Government
Sub Auroral Polarization StreamsAstronomy
Satisfactory Academic Progress StandardsEducational
Sensor Agent Processing SoftwareSoftware
Seismological Acquisition And Processing SystemGeology
Server Administration Perl ScriptsNetworking
Scale for Assessing Positive SymptomsPhysiology
Sponsored And Academic Programs SupportUniversities
Sulphated Ash Phosphorus and SulphurUnclassified
Salary Annuities Pension SkillsPension
Status Access Power and StuffUnclassified
Site Assessment Prioritization SystemConstruction
Sacred And Profane SunriseUnclassified
Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal SocietySocieties
Standard Application Performance StandardUnclassified
Sulphated Ash Phosphorus SulphurUnclassified
Scale for the Assessment of Positive SymptomsUnclassified
Self Administered Pension SchemePension
Sequential Alkalinity Producing SystemUnclassified
Settlement Agreement and Policy SubcommitteeUnclassified
Sexual Assault Prevention SquadPrevention
Sistem Analisis Peperiksaan SekolahUnclassified
Stavanger Active People SocietySocieties
Sub Auroral Plasma StreamUnclassified
Sulfated Ash Phosphorous and SulphurUnclassified
Sulfated Ash Phosphorus And SulfurUnclassified
Sulfated Ash Phosphorus SulfurUnclassified
Sulphated Ash Phos SulphurUnclassified
Sulphated Ash Phosphorous and SulphurUnclassified
Sulphated Ash Phosphorous SulphurUnclassified
SAP Application Performance StandardSoftware
Satisfactory Academic Progress StandardSchools
Shanghai Alumni Primary SchoolSchools
simplified Acute Physiology ScoreHospitals
Skills, Abilities, Potential, SuitabilityOccupation & Positions
Stand Alone Power SystemHardware
Stand-Alone Power SystemUnclassified
Substance Abuse Prevention SpecialistEducational

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