What does SAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SAT:



SaturdayDays Abbreviations
Sorry About ThatChat
San Antonio, TexasState & Local
Scholastic Aptitude TestUniversities
Stanford Achievement TestUniversities
Sistema de Administración TributariaMexican
Sick And TwistedChat
Spare A ThoughtChat
Scholastic Achievement TestEducational
Surface Air TemperatureMeteorology
Student Assistance TeamUniversities
Seekers After TruthReligion
Systems Approach to TrainingMilitary
Save As TextAssembly
Sever All TiesUnclassified
Sprite Animation ToolkitSoftware
Su Alti TaarruzTurkish
Sea Air TransportUnclassified
Security Audit TrailMilitary
System Administration ToolSoftware
Science Aeronautics And TechnologyTechnology
Self-Adjusting ThresholdElectronics
Spray Acid ToolElectronics
Somewhere Around TwentyUnclassified
Science, Aeronautics, And TechnologyUniversities
Science, Art, And TechnologyUniversities
Software Acceptance TestMilitary
Sanderson Accu TunerUnclassified
Student Action TeamUniversities
Self-Adjusting TechnologyElectronics
System Approach To TrainingUnclassified
Sending A ThoughtChat
Security Assistance TestMilitary
Software Architecture TechnologySoftware
Smart Amplifier TechnologyElectronics
Scolastic Aptitude TestUnclassified
Summed Area TablesUnclassified
Scream Aptitude TestFunnies
Sad And TediousChat
Skills Assessment ToolkitEducational
Superhuman America TeamFunnies
Section Authority TerritoryGovernmental
Spanish Announcer TeamNews & Media
Stages And TranformationsChemistry
University of St. Andrews - 2Chemistry
Sales Analysis ToolUnclassified
San Antonio International Airport, San Antonio, Texas USAAirport Codes
Super Awesome TheatricalUnclassified
Secretly A TeaseUnclassified
Sensible Acting And ThinkingUnclassified
Social A TeamCommunity
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holding CompanyNYSE Symbols
Somebody Ain't TeachingFunnies
Support, Accountability, And TrainingGeneral Business
Saturation (usually Oxygen Saturation)Physiology
Scorpions Assault TeamLaw & Legal
Spatial Analysis Tool kitMilitary
Stunned Abnoxious TwitChat
Stunningly Average And TriteUnclassified
Stomping All ToysUnclassified
Site Acceptance TestHardware
Stoned And ToastedUnclassified
Southwestern Association of ToxicologistsAssociations
Shoot Atomic TurtlesUnclassified
Somebody Aint TryingUnclassified
Southerners Aren't TryingFunnies
Stupifying Aggravating TerrifyingLaw & Legal
Scholastic Assessment TestUnclassified
Slow Analytical ThinkingUniversities
Stupid Aggravating TimewasterFunnies
Scholastic Aptitude TestsUnclassified
Schwerer Artillerie TrUnclassified
Super Anime TimeFunnies
Statutory Assessment TestUnclassified
Systematic Approach to TastingUnclassified
Sociopath Armed TvUnclassified
Southern Air TransportUnclassified
Suicide And TroubleUnclassified
Science and TechnologyTechnology
Second And ThirdUnclassified
Selection Assistance TeamUS Government
Soprano Alto and TenorUnclassified
Student Association TestAssociations
Substance Abuse TreatmentUnclassified
Survive and ThriveGaming
Systems Approach toUnclassified
Argentine Society of TransplantationSocieties
la Société des arts technologiquesResearch
Satellite DishReal Estate
Saturate, SaturatedNASA
Security Alert TeamMilitary
Security Awareness TradingAcademic & Science
See A TestFunnies
Small Arms TrainerMilitary
Sociedad Argentina de TrasplantesSocieties
Society for Arts and TechnologyResearch
South African TourismTravel & Tourism
Statistical Applications TeamFDA
Student Acquirred TechnologyAssociations
Stupid American TestFunnies
Supplementary Angle TheoremMathematics

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