What does SAVE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SAVE:



Students Against Violence EverywhereUniversities
Systematic Alien Verification for EntitlementsUS Government
Suicide Awareness Voices Of EducationEducational
Strategies Against Violence EverywhereCommunity
Systematic Alien Verification for EntitlementUS Government
Stop America's Violence EverywhereCommunity
Students Against Vector ExploitationStudents
South Atlantic Ventilation ExperimentOcean Science
Share A Vital EarthUnclassified
Senior Auxiliary Volunteer EffortLaw & Legal
Students Against Violating The EarthUniversities
Stand Against Violence EverywhereCommunity
Stop Alcohol Violations EarlyLaw & Legal
Survive A Violent EncounterLaw & Legal
Students Against a Violent EnvironmentStudents
Substance Abuse And Violence EducationEducational
Sterile Air Venting EliminationLaboratory
Start Accruing Valuable EquityStock Exchange
St. Clair Associated Vocational EnterprisesNon-Profit Organizations
Service And Value EvaluationGeneral Business
Stop Aids Via EducationEducational
Support the AIDS Vaccine EffortPhysiology
Sisters Against Violence EverywhereCommunity
Shield Against Violent EnvironmentsLaw & Legal
Stand Against A Violent EnvironmentLaw & Legal
Supporting Alabama's Vaccine EffortsState & Local
Save And Value EnvironmentUnclassified
Sapcote Appraisal For Village EnhancementCommunity
Specialized Academic and Vocational EducationEducational
Saybrooke Alliance Values EducationEducational
Students Against Violating The EducationUniversities
Stopping the Aftermath of Violence EffectivelyLaw & Legal
Suggestions Are Valuable To EmployeesGeneral Business
Students For A Viable EnvironmentUniversities
Simulation And Analyses Of Virtual EnergyEnergy
Strength And Victory EverydayReligion
Safeguarding A Vital ExistenceUnclassified
Suppliers And Visteon ExcelUnclassified
Shared Accounting Of Various ExpendituresAccounting
Scientists Academics Volunteers And EducationistsUnclassified
Society of American Value EngineersProfessional Organizations
Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in EuropeFarming & Agriculture
Sustaining A Village EverydayUnclassified
Stop Abusive and Violent EnvironmentsNon-Profit Organizations
Students Activating Voicing EmpoweringUniversities
St Alphonsus Values EducationEducational
Statewide Advocacy for Veterans' EmpowermentVeterans
Students Adults Veterans and EducatorsStudents
Synchronized Audio Visual EntertainmentElectronics
Statewide Advocacy for Veterans EmpowermentVeterans
System Adjustment and Verified EfficiencyUnclassified
Safe Alternatives to Violent EnvironmentsUnclassified
Saving Asia's Vultures from ExtinctionUnclassified
Serving and Archiving Virtual EnvironmentsUnclassified
Standing Against Violence EverydayUnclassified
Safeguarding American Values for EveryoneUnclassified
San Antonio Vacation ExperienceUnclassified
Science Autonomy Value and EthicsAcademic & Science
Scientific Academic Volunteer and EducationalEducational
Secure an Advanced Vision for EducationEducational
Securing Americans Value and EfficiencyUnclassified
Self Assessment Value EstimatorUnclassified
Service and Volunteer EducationEducational
Servicemember Agricultural Vocation EducationEducational
Signs Ask Validate EncourageUnclassified
Silence Affirmations Visualization and ExerciseUnclassified
Simple Action Vital EffectUnclassified
Society Against Violence in EducationEducational
Strike Against Violence EarlyUnclassified
Student Action for Value EducationEducational
Supplying Aid to Victims of EmergencyUnclassified
Support Awareness Vision EndowmentUnclassified
System Adjustment and Verification for EfficiencyUnclassified
Systemic Alien Verification for EntitlementsUnclassified
Esquel, ArgentinaAirport Codes
Safety VehiclesAutomotive
Say A Volcano EruptedComputing
Seine Aval Vehicules ElectriquesAutomotive
Singapore Aircooled Volkswagen EnthusiastsAutomotive
Sistema de Ajuste Variavel de EspacoAutomotive
Sistema de Alimentacion del Vehiculo ElectricoAutomotive
Southern Arizona Vehicle EnthusiastsAutomotive
Struggle Against Violent ExtremismUnclassified
Student Association Vehicle EngineeringAutomotive
Submission of Application for Visa ElectronicallyIT
System For Alien Verification For EntitlementUnclassified

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