What does SCOD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SCOD:



Scheduled Commercial Operating DateUnclassified
Soluble Chemical Oxygen DemandChemistry
South Coast One DesignUnclassified
Sigil City of DoorsUnclassified
Scientific Conquest of DeathUnclassified
Study Commission on DoctrineCommissions
Sikh Center of DelawareUnclassified
Scottish Council on DeafnessCouncil
Sauter Carbon Offset DesignUnclassified
Strategy Change and Organisation DevelopmentDevelopment
Sustainable Cooperative for Organic DevelopmentDevelopment
Scheduled Commercial Operation DateUnclassified
Screen Cap Of the DayUnclassified
Sealants Cured On DemandUnclassified
Security Constrained Optimal DispatchUnclassified
Security Consultant On DemandConsulting
Silicone Cream Occlusive DressingUnclassified
Simple Colonic Obstruction and DistensionUnclassified
South Coast Oregon DirectoryUnclassified
Speak Chinese Or DieUnclassified
Special Corridor Overlay DistrictUnclassified
Specialized Consultants On DemandUnclassified
Specialty Consultants On DemandUnclassified
Specified Covered Outpatient DrugsDrugs
Static Close Out DateUnclassified
Study Commission onCommissions

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