What does SCOUT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SCOUT:



Stock Control Order Unit TracingGeneral Business
Stupid Comics Of Unnecessary TriviaFunnies
Smart Curious Open Unafraid TrueUnclassified
A German Shorthaired Pointer dog typeVeterinary
Such a Continuably Outgoing Unified TerrorFunnies
Suspense Control, Oversight, Utilization, and Tracking systemGeneral Computing
Special Crisis Operations for Urban TerrainUnclassified
small chamber for optical UV testsUnclassified
Surface Crafts for Oceanographic and Undersea TestingUnclassified
Solid Controlled Orbital Utility TestUnclassified
Safe Communities Of United TribesCommunity
Surface Craft for Oceanographic and Undersea TestingUnclassified
Safe and Connected Automation in Road TransportAutomotive

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