What does SCR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SCR:



Seychelles RupeeCurrencies
Selective Catalytic ReductionChemistry
Silicon Controlled RectifierElectronics
Serum CreatininePhysiology
Sustainable Cell RateHuman Genome
Smart Card ReaderMilitary
Senior Common RoomHousing & Amenities
Serbo-CroatianLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Fax imageFile Extensions
Sustain Cell RateLaboratory
South Central RailwayRailroads
Send Configure RequestNetworking
AutoCAD ScriptFile Extensions
System Clock ReferenceHardware
Software Change RequestMilitary
Signal Corps RadioMilitary
Screen FileFile Extensions
Source Code ReviewMilitary
Debug source code fileFile Extensions
Senior Command RepresentativeMilitary
LocoScript Screen fontFile Extensions
Star Crest RecipientCommunity
South Circular RecordingsCompanies & Firms
StripChart RecorderNASA
Shipboard Census ReportTransportation
Single Call RingAssembly
Software Configuration ReviewMilitary
Windows 3.x Screen saverFile Extensions
Senate Concurrent ResolutionUS Government
Stranded Costs RecoveredAccounting
Starfleet Command RegulationScience Fiction
Simultaneous Confidence RegionsMathematics
System Communication ResearchGeneral Business
Microsoft Screen Capture format SCReen snapshopFile Extensions
ColoRIX or Sun rasterfile Bitmap graphicsFile Extensions
Sex combs reducedUnclassified
Specialized Computer ResourcesComputing
System Change RequestFDA
Statewide Central RegisterUnclassified
Scalable Checkpoint RestartUnclassified
Silicon Control RectifierUnclassified
South Central RegionUnclassified
Swipe Card ReaderUnclassified
Single Check RebateUnclassified
State Construction RegistryConstruction
Scalable Checkpoint/RestartUnclassified
Secure Central RegistryUnclassified
Society of Commercial REALTORSSocieties
South Coast RepertoryUnclassified
Specific Commodity RateUnclassified
Sabayon Community RepositoriesCommunity
Secured Central RegistryUnclassified
Selective Call RejectionUnclassified
Selective Catalyst ReductionUnclassified
Seoul Community RadioCommunity
Seriously Cool RobotUnclassified
Service Component RuntimeUnclassified
Significant Code ReviewUnclassified
Silicon Controlled RectifiersUnclassified
Sir Cadian RhythmUnclassified
Skin Cell RenewalUnclassified
Skin Conductance ResponseUnclassified
South Carolina REALTORSReal Estate
Special Care ResidenceUnclassified
Special Competition ReticleUnclassified
Sport Configurable RifleSports
Stable Continental RegionUnclassified
State Case RegistryUnclassified
State Central RegisterUnclassified
State Central RegistryUnclassified
Status Change ReportUnclassified
Structurally Conserved RegionUnclassified
Student Classroom RatioStudents
Study Consult ReflectUnclassified
Summary Care RecordsUnclassified
Superior Capsule ReconstructionUnclassified
Supplemental Course ResourcesUnclassified
Supplementary Concept RecordsUnclassified
Supply Chain ReliabilityUnclassified
Supreme Court ReportsLaw & Legal
Supreme Court RulesLaw & Legal
Swiss Congress of RadiologyRadiology
Jeep ScramblerAutomotive
Scandinavian Resources LimitedASX Symbols
Schedule Change RequestNASA
Sci Baud RateIT
Score Media Incorporated (de-listed)Toronto Stock Exchange
Screen CaptureIT
Screen SaverIT
Secondary Collision ReductionUnclassified
Serious Case ReviewBritish Medicine
Service Contract RequestCompanies & Firms
Shelby Cobra ReplicaUnclassified
Short Consensus RepeatBritish Medicine
Short Cut RoadAutomotive
Signal to Crosstalk RatioIT
Silvretta Classic RallyeAutomotive
Sister Chromatic RecombinationBritish Medicine
Slot Car RacingAutomotive
Smart Contrast RatioIT
Sneak Circuit ReportNASA
Social Care RegionBritish Medicine
Software Controlled RadioIT
South City RoddersAutomotive
Southern Cross RallyAutomotive
Space Charge RegionPhysics
Spain Classic RaidAutomotive
Specific Car RegulationsAutomotive
Spokane County RacewayAutomotive
Sports Car RacingAutomotive
Sports Car RentalAutomotive
Sports Car RestorationAutomotive
Sports Compact RacingRacing
Stakeholder Consultation ReportEngineering
Standard Context RoutingIT
Standby Continuous ReplicationIT
Starcraft RocksGaming
Static Compression RateAutomotive
Steady Circular RedAutomotive
Stepford County RailwayGaming
Stock Car RacingAutomotive
Stock Car ReviewAutomotive
Stolen Car ReportsAutomotive
Street Cleaning RegulationAutomotive
Strong City RecordsCompanies & Firms
Stunt Car RacerAutomotive
Subaru Club RomaniaAutomotive
Summary Care RecordBritish Medicine
Super Comfort RacingAutomotive
Supplemental Compensation RollAutomotive
Sustained Cell RateIT
Suzuki Club RomaniaAutomotive
Swiss Car RegisterAutomotive
Swiss Cheese on RyeFood & Nutrition
Sydney Coal RailwayRailroads
Symantec Certified ResellerIT
System Configuration RepositoryIT

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