What does SEC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SEC:



SECondUnit Measures
SecretaryOccupation & Positions
Securities and Exchange CommissionStock Exchange
Southeastern ConferenceSports
Security and Exchange CommissionMilitary
Space Environment CenterOcean Science
State Electricity CommissionState & Local
Single Edge ContactElectronics
South Equatorial CurrentOcean Science
Southern Electric ContractingCompanies & Firms
Specialty Equipment Companies, Inc.NYSE Symbols
South Eastern ConferenceSports
Service Entrance CableElectronics
Single Edge CartridgeGeneral Computing
Sponsor Executive CommitteeGeneral Business
Standard Entry ClassSports
Space Environmental CenterMeteorology
Spoiler Elevator ComputerTransportation
Software Experience CenterUniversities
Disney Animation Studio Secured animation fileFile Extensions
So Everyone CheatsUniversities
Specimen Exchange ChamberLaboratory
Pretty Good Privacy SECret key ring fileFile Extensions
Special Equipment CompensationInternational Business
Sigma Epsilon ChapterUnclassified
Special Ed ConferenceEducational
Save The Earth CampaignNon-Profit Organizations
Single Edge CartridgesMilitary
Speed Eliminates CompetitionSports
ShinRa ElectricPower CompanyCompanies & Firms
Surely Everybody's CheatingUniversities
Superior Economic CompensationGeneral Business
Société d'Études CamerounaisesAfrican
Synergy Electronic CommerceGeneral Business
Send Extra CocktailsChat
Diskreet SECure Encrypted fileFile Extensions
School Encouraged CorruptionLaw & Legal
Skull-Eating CarnivoreVeterinary
Send Extra CashUnclassified
Secretaría del Estado de ComercioSpanish
Some Easy ConferenceSports
See, Everyone CheatsFunnies
Securing Entitlements For CrooksFunnies
Socio-Economic ClassificationHousing & Amenities
St Edwards CollegeStudents
US Securities and Exchange CommissionAccounting
Sculpture Element CollectionUnclassified
Simple Event CorrelatorUnclassified
Sales Executive ClubClubs
Securities and Exchange ComissionUnclassified
Sorry Excuse Of CrappolaUnclassified
Southwestern Environmental ConsultantsEnvironmental
Surrrrrrrrrre Everyone CheatsUniversities
Selfie Elevator ConferenceConferences
Securities and Exchange CommisisonUnclassified
Swiftly Enhanced CareersCareer
Samsung Electronics CorporationElectronics
Saturn Eclipse And CivicTransportation
Soft Exposed CharlatansUnclassified
Supreme Eiye ConfraternityUnclassified
Surveys of Enacted CurriculumUnclassified
Entomological Society of CanadaSocieties
Gas Sampling methodAmateur Radio
SecureHousing & Amenities
Securities Exchange CommissionStock Exchange
Senvest Capital IncorporatedToronto Stock Exchange
Sephardic Educational CenterEducational
Sequential Events ControllerNASA
Series Elastic ComponentPhysiology
Sharjah Engineering ConsultantsConsulting
Snell Engineering ConsultantsContractors
So Extremely CommonChat
Société d'Entomologie du CanadaSocieties
Sociedad Española de CitologíaSocieties
Source Evaluation CommitteeNASA
Southern Economic CorridorBusiness
Spanish Society of CytologySocieties
State Enterprises CommissionGhana
Strategic EqtyLondon Stock Exchange
Submarine Element CoordinatorMilitary

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