What does SERVE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SERVE:



Secure Electronic Registration And Voting ExperimentUS Government
Southeastern Regional Vision for EducationEducational
South Eastern Regional Vision For EducationEducational
Sending Experienced Retired Volunteers EverywhereNon-Profit Organizations
Supportive Efforts for Regular Vocational EducationEducational
Sharing Every Resource, Valuing EveryoneReligion
Social Emotional Recreation Vocation And EducationEducational
Strategize Establish Reinforce Validate and ExemplifyUnclassified
Sharing Every Resource Valuing EverybodyCommunity
Service Ethical Reflection And Vocational ExplorationReligion
Supporting Emergency Responders Volunteer EffortsUnclassified
Students Enhancing Resources for Vermillion EnrichmentStudents
Secondary Education Reporting of Vocational EnrollmentEducational
Serving Engaged and Ready to Volunteer EmployeesEmployment
Students Exploring Rewarding Volunteer ExperiencesStudents

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