What does SEX stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SEX:



South Eastern XtremeChat
Scientific Experimental XylophoneMusic
Secret Entertainment eXtremeChat
Speaker- Evaluator eXchangeToastmasters
Systematized Exchange of XenomemesPhysiology
Sacred Energy XchangeEnergy
Sodium Ethyl XanthateUnclassified
A sport practiced by adultsUnclassified
Sam's Easy X-RayHospitals
Sexual Entercourse XoinksUnclassified
Security Emergency XylophonesUnclassified
Scary Every XtimeUnclassified
Stash Enhancing eXperienceQuilting
Stash Enhancement XperienceUnclassified
Stash Enhancing eXcursionQuilting
Solitary Eruptive XanthogranulomaUnclassified
Statement Example ExplanationUnclassified
Sotho English XhosaEnglish
Stash Enhancing eXpeditionQuilting
See Enter ExtremelyFunnies

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