What does SID stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SID:



Sports Information DirectorUniversities
Security IDentifierDrivers
Still In DevelopmentSoftware
SidamoLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Companhia Siderurgica NacionalNYSE Symbols
Standard Instrument DepartureTransportation
Once per dayPhysiology
Sound Interface DeviceNews & Media
Special Improvement DistrictUnclassified
Satan In DisguiseReligion
State Identification NumberLaw & Legal
Sensory Integration DysfunctionUnclassified
Speed Indicator DeviceMilitary
Ship In DistressMilitary
Space Intruder DetectorUnclassified
Side Impact DummyTransportation
Security In DepthCyber & Security
Scientific Investigation DivisionUS Government
Society For Information DisplaysSocieties
Source To Image DistanceFDA
Slew Induced DistortionElectronics
Speed Indicating DeviceTransportation
Speed Indication DeviceUnclassified
Severe Intellectual DisabilityEducational
Smad Interaction DomainSports
Speed Indicator DisplayUnclassified
Subunit Interaction DomainGeneral Computing
South Indian DancePerforming Arts
Searchable Image DatabaseGeneral Computing
Shared Information DistanceNetworking
Super Intelligent DesignGeneral Business
Scouting Internet DirectoryScouting
Serious In DesignUniversities
Sudden Ionosphere DisturbanceMeteorology
Static Impeller DrivenTransportation
Sal, Cape Verde IslandsAirport Codes
Software Item DescriptionSoftware
Shallow, Intermediate, and DeepOcean Science
Sermon and Illustration DatabaseReligion
Simple Information DatabaseDatabases
Support For Instructional DesignersUniversities
Strategic Information DevelopmentMilitary
Spacecraft Identification NumberNASA
Sports Illustrated DogNews & Media
Sudden Internal DeathUnclassified
System Installation DisketteGeneral Computing
Seniority Integration DateOccupation & Positions
Someones In DenialUnclassified
Sex In DoubtLaw & Legal
Stars In DowneCommunity
Selfies Instants And DoublesSports
PlaySID tunes and sound effects fileFile Extensions
Simulator Interface DevicesNASA
Society for Information DisplaySocieties
Sensory Integration DisorderUnclassified
Society for International DevelopmentSocieties
Sound Interference DeviceUnclassified
Supplemental Installation DiskUnclassified
Safer Internet DayInternet
Semel in DieUnclassified
Satan In DiscuiseUnclassified
Solidarity Independence DemocracyUnclassified
Safety Identity and DifferenceUnclassified
Selected Item DrawingUnclassified
Society for Investigative DermatologySocieties
Sadistic Intelligent DangerousUnclassified
School Infrastructure DatabaseDatabases
Seamless Image DatabaseDatabases
See it DifferentlyUnclassified
Sensory Intensive DevelopmentDevelopment
Share Internet DataInternet
Simply Intelligent DesignsUnclassified
Society for Information Display'sSocieties
Sonic Interaction DesignUnclassified
Source Image DistanceUnclassified
Source Input DocumentUnclassified
State Inpatient DatabasesDatabases
Strong Ion DifferenceUnclassified
Superlight Integrated DesignUnclassified
The Scottish Intelligence DatabaseDatabases
IsidoreNames and Nicknames
Safety in DesignBusiness
Sanitary Improvement DistrictState & Local
Schedule IDentifier numberFDA
School of Interior DesignArchitecture
Secondary Imagery DisseminationMilitary
Security Identifier DietmondayUnclassified
Shuttle Integration DeviceNASA
SidneyNames and Nicknames
Significant Industrial DischargeEnvironmental
Silence Is DeadUnclassified
SilverdellLondon Stock Exchange
Special Investigation DivisionPolice
Spin Inverted DeterminantPhysics
Standard Interface DocumentNASA
Stitch In the DitchQuilting
Subspace IdentificationUnclassified
Sustainable International DevelopmentUniversities
System IDentifierHardware
System Interface DocumentNASA

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