What does SIDA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SIDA:



Swedish International Development AgencyNon-Profit Organizations
Síndrome de Inmuno-Deficiencia AdquiridaSpanish
Syndrome Immunodéficitaire AcquisFrench
Secure Identification Display AreaHardware
Sensing, Interpreting, Deciding, and ActingCommunity
Syndrome Imagined to Discourage AmourChat
Sensing Interpreting Deciding And ActingUnclassified
Syracuse Industrial Development AgencyDevelopment
Singapore Inventors' Development AssociationDevelopment
Swedish International Development Cooperation AgencyGovernmental
Severe Iron Deficiency AnemiaUnclassified
Singapore Inventors Development AssociationDevelopment
Security Identification Display AreasUnclassified
Síndrome de InmunoDeficiencia AdquiridaPhysiology
Solar Induced Dark AgeUnclassified
Special Interest Deposit AccountUnclassified
Sweden International Development AgencyAgencies
Security Identification Display AreaAircraft & Aviation
Sindh Irrigation and Drainage AuthorityInternational Business

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