What does SIRA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SIRA:



Southern Intercollegiate Rowing AssociationSports
Southern Indiana Radiological AssociatesCompanies & Firms
Southwestern Intramural & Recreational ActivitiesUniversities
Southern Indiana REALTORS AssociationProfessional Organizations
Shiba Inu Rescue AssociationDogs Related
Strategic Information Research AnalysisGeneral Business
Strategic Industry Research AnalysisMilitary
Securities Industry Regulatory AuthorityAuthorities
Society of Information Risk AnalystsProfessional Organizations
Solar Imaging Radio ArrayAstronomy
Sentral Informasi Referendum Aceh (Aceh Referendum Information Center)Politics
Scientific Informatics Research AcademyResearch
Security Industry Regulation AuthorityAuthorities
Security Industry Regulatory AuthorityAuthorities
Selective Integrated Reading ActivityUnclassified
Sentra Informasi Referendum AcehUnclassified
Sentral Informasi Referendum AcehUnclassified
Simple Innovative Riding AccesRiding
Simple Innovative Riding AccessoryRiding
Southern Indiana Racing AssociationRacing
Southwestern Intramural Recreational ActivitiesUnclassified
State Insurance Regulatory AuthorityInsurance
Study In Rigional AustraliaAustralian
Suspicion Indicators Recognition and AssessmentUnclassified
Swedish International Relief AssociationInternational
Systemic Infrastructure Resilience AnalysisUnclassified
Stable Isotope Ratio AnalysisUnclassified

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