What does SIT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SIT:



Slovenian TolarCurrencies
School for International TrainingUniversities
System Integration TestingSoftware
Stay In TuneMusic
School of Information TechnologyUniversities
Static Induction TransistorElectronics
Storage In TransitTransportation
Sino-Tibetan (Other)Language Codes (3 Letters)
Slayers In TrainingMilitary
Special Information ToneTelecom
System Initialization TableGeneral Computing
Systematic Inventive ThinkingGeneral Business
Staff In TrainingGeneral Business
System Integration TestMilitary
Simple Internet TransitionInternet
Student Intervention TeamUniversities
Sensory Integration TrainingMilitary
Seal Initiation TemperatureNASA
System Implementation TeamNASA
Satellite Instructional TelevisionEducational
Sidewalk Initiative TeamCommunity
Short Intensive TrainingMilitary
Special Intervention TeamLaw & Legal
Sindicato Independiente de TransportesSpanish
Sitka Airport, Sitka, Alaska USAAirport Codes
Scaffold Inspection and TestingGeneral Business
Specialized Intervention TeamLaw & Legal
Seating Interior ThemeNews & Media
Skater In TrainingSkating
Spanish Interpreting ServicesCompanies & Firms
Suppressor of Initiation of TranscriptionHuman Genome
Smart Intense TrainingEducational
Semi Intellegent TerrestrialScience Fiction
Subsidiary Integrity TokenNetworking
Some Image TypeGeneral Computing
Self Inflicted TrialLaw & Legal
Software Image TransitionsGeneral Computing
Simple Interface TunnelNetworking
Semi Implicit And TraditionalMathematics
UnStuff Compressed file archiveFile Extensions
Siddaganga Institute of TechnologyUniversities
Stay in TouchUnclassified
Systematic Inventive ThinkingĀ®Unclassified
Support Incident TrackerUnclassified
Southern Institute of TechnologyTechnology
Studentsamskipnaden i TrondheimStudents
Shitty Ideas TrendingUnclassified
Singapore Institute of TechnologyTechnology
stand for in TechnologyTechnology
Sensory Integration TherapyRehabilitation
Sentry Select Blue Chip Income TrustToronto Stock Exchange
Shuttle Integrated TestNASA
Shuttle Interface TestNASA
Site Group International, LTD.ASX Symbols
Software Integration TestNASA
Special Investigation TeamPolice
SSV (Space Shuttle Vehicle) Integrated TestNASA
Stevens Institute of TechnologyUniversities
Stock In TradeAccounting
Student Independent TimeEducational
Surveyor In TrainingEngineering

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