What does SKR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SKR:



SKeleton RackProducts
Safekeeping ReceiptsAccounting
Saskatoon Kart RacersRacing
PGP Secret KeyringFile Extensions
SchoolKids RecordsCompanies & Firms
Storozhevoy Korabl'Military
Shin Kai RacingRacing
Shakiso, EthiopiaAirport Codes
SKR Management CorporationCompanies & Firms
Safe Keeping ReceiptUnclassified
Serial Killin RecordsUnclassified
Sveriges kristna rådUnclassified
Secure Key RateUnclassified
Semantic Knowledge RepresentationUnclassified
Secret Key RingUnclassified
Spiritual Knowledge RepositoryUnclassified
Stockman Kast RyanUnclassified
Stephens' Kangaroo RatUnclassified
SunkarLondon Stock Exchange
Sveriges Kvinnojourers RiksförbundUnclassified
Swedish KronerAccounting

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