What does SLAG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SLAG:



Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, And GentlemenUniversities
Scholars Leaders Athletes And GentlemenSports
Spirits, Liquor, Ale, and GinFood & Nutrition
Scholarship, Leadership, Athletics, and GentlemenAthletics
Short Little Angry GuyFunnies
Screeches like a girl.Funnies
Sad Lovers And GiantsUnclassified
Safe Launch Angle GateUnclassified
Scholars Leaders Athletes GentlemenUnclassified
Scream Like A GirlUnclassified
Signing Lighting And GuardingUnclassified
Simple Little Audio GadgetUnclassified
South London Association of GentlemenAssociations
Space Launch Advisory GroupAdvisory
St Louis Adventure GroupUnclassified
Monte Agudo, BoliviaAirport Codes

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