What does SLD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SLD:



Sojusz Lewicy DemokratycznejPolitics
SlideFile Extensions
Specific Learning DisabilitiesEducational
Specific Learning DisabilityEducational
Single Line DiagramMathematics
Specific Learning DifficultyEducational
Scientific Laboratory DivisionCompanies & Firms
Scattering Length DensityUnclassified
Stag's Leap DistrictRegional
Simulated Life DollLaboratory
Sold saleGeneral Business
Source Level DefinitionAssembly
Structured Logic DesignGeneral Computing
Service Level DirectorOccupation & Positions
Super Low DensityElectronics
St. Lawrence District of Unitarian Universalist CongregationsReligion
Strong Lattice DeformationElectronics
Seneca Land District of SPEBSQSAMusic
Sound, stage Lighting, Disk jockeyMusic
Selected Linear And DefiniteUnclassified
Scribes Language DisorderMiscellaneous
School of Leadership and DevelopmentDevelopment
Sealine Leverdrag DaiwaUnclassified
Student Life DevelopmentStudents
Styled Layer DescriptorUnclassified
Seneca Land DistrictUnclassified
Slow Learning DummyEducational
Student Leadership and DevelopmentStudents
System Level DesignUnclassified
System Landscape DirectoryUnclassified
Statute Law DatabaseDatabases
Synthetic Life DollUnclassified
Second Line of DefenseUnclassified
Singularity Line DriveUnclassified
Society for Language DevelopmentLanguage & Literature
Sex linked dwarfUnclassified
Slower Lower DelawareUnclassified
Sounds Like DiggingUnclassified
Special Low DispersionUnclassified
Specialized Language DevelopmentLanguage & Literature
Specific Learning DifficultiesEducational
Sports Licensing DivisionSports
St Lawrence DistrictUnclassified
Student Leadership DevelopmentDevelopment
Student Life and DevelopmentDevelopment
Supercooled Liquid DropletsUnclassified
Superluminescent DiodeElectronics
Safety and Laboratory DataLaboratory
Second Level DomainInternet
Stiff-Leg DerrickNASA
System Link DesignatorMilitary

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