What does SMR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SMR:



Sites and Monuments RecordMuseums
Standardized Mortality RatioStock Exchange
Submucous ResectionPhysiology
Santa Marta, ColombiaAirport Codes
Sensory Motor RhythmPhysiology
Source Maintenance and RecoverabilityMilitary
Suppressed Mite ReproductionPhysiology
Shadow Movie RealmNews & Media
Suppression of Mite ReproductionVeterinary
South Maitland RailwaysRailroads
The Signal To Masking RatioUnclassified
Semi-conductor Mask RepresentationElectronics
Scrap Metal RecyclerGeneral Business
Spherically Mounted RetroUnclassified
Saint Mary's RykenSchools
Supra Majority RuleUS Government
Scanned Medical RecordsMedical
Security Management ResourcesManagement
Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability (Code)NASA
Spherically-Mounted RetroreflectorProducts
Self Myofascial ReleaseUnclassified
Samvardhana Motherson ReflectecUnclassified
Schroeder Manatee RanchUnclassified
Special Modification RequestsUnclassified
Society for Melanoma ResearchResearch
Solid Mounted ResonatorUnclassified
San Martin RidersSports
School of Maritime ReconnaissanceSchools
Security Maintenance ReleasesUnclassified
Security Market ResearchResearch
Sequential Motion RateUnclassified
Shannon Michael ReillyUnclassified
Shingled MagneticUnclassified
Shingled Magnetic RecordingUnclassified
Sidewinder Master RaceUnclassified
SIP Message RelayUnclassified
Sloan Management ReviewManagement
Small Modular ReactionUnclassified
Small Modular ReactorChemistry
Small modular reactorsUnclassified
Small Molecule RepositoryUnclassified
Small Multidrug ResistanceUnclassified
Smart Mature ResilienceUnclassified
Snow Mountain RiverUnclassified
Social Media ReleaseNews & Media
Solid Media ReactorUnclassified
Southwest Motorsport ResourceUnclassified
Special Modification RequestUnclassified
Specific Monitoring ReportUnclassified
Spectral Multiband ResonatorUnclassified
Spherically Mounted RetroReflectorUnclassified
Sprint Medley RelayUnclassified
Squandering Money and ResourcesUnclassified
Squandering More ResourcesUnclassified
Standard Malaysian RubberUnclassified
Standard mortality ratioMedical
Statutory Management RequirementsManagement
Stormwater Management RequirementsManagement
Strategy Management and ResearchManagement
Student Medical RecordMedical
Super Mile RaceRacing
Surface Mount ResistorUnclassified
Surface Mountable RADARUnclassified
Surface Movement RadarUnclassified
Sustainable Mineral ResourcesUnclassified
SWISS MODEL RepositoryUnclassified
Syarafina Mustafa RivaieUnclassified
Seme Male ReaderSlang
Senior Manager ReportProfessional Organizations
Senior Medical ResidentHospitals
Severe Mental RetardationBritish Medicine
Sexual Maturity RatingBritish Medicine
Sexual Maturity RatingChat
Site Material RequestContractors
Société de Médecine de la ReproductionSocieties
Society for Medicines ResearchSocieties
Society for the Medicine of ReproductionSocieties
Specialized Mobile RadioUnclassified
Spherical-Mounted ReflectorManufacturing
Standard Metabolic RateBritish Medicine
Standardised Morbidity Ratio (!)British Medicine
Standardised Mortality RatioBritish Medicine
Stanmore Coal LimitedASX Symbols
Steam Methane ReformingChemistry
streptomycin resistantBritish Medicine
submucosal resectionBritish Medicine
Sutherland Medieval RegimentNon-Profit Organizations
System Modification RequestSoftware

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