What does SOI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SOI:



Silicon On InsulatorElectronics
Southern Oscillation IndexOcean Science
State Of IsraelCountries
Sphere Of InfluenceMilitary
Stars On IceSports
Survey Of IndiaGeology
Solutia, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Saturn Orbit InsertionNASA
Signal Of InterestMilitary
Signal Operation InstructionsTransportation
Solar Oscillations InvestigationNASA
Signal Operating InstructionsMilitary
Structure Of IntellectEducational
Structure Of the IntellectLaboratory
Sports Outreach InstituteNon-Profit Organizations
Standard Operator InterfaceMilitary
Sql Object InterfaceGeneral Computing
Simultaneous Orbit IterationNASA
South Molle Island, Queensland, AustraliaAirport Codes
Selecting Organizing And IntegratingGeneral Business
Student Outreach InternUniversities
Science Olympiad, Inc.Non-Profit Organizations
Società Orticola ItalianaSocieties
Schmidt Ocean InstituteInstitutes
Statistics Of IncomeStatistics
Summer of InnovationUnclassified
Sound of IdeasUnclassified
Statement of IntentUnclassified
Scientific Object IdentifierUnclassified
Severity Of IllnessUnclassified
Signal Operations InstructionsUnclassified
Single Opt InUnclassified
Solaris Oilfield InfrastructureUnclassified
Start Of ImageUnclassified
Start Of InjectionUnclassified
Statement of InterestUnclassified
Student Organizations InstituteInstitutes
Style of InfluenceUnclassified
Supplier Owned InventoryUnclassified
IEEE International Silicon-On-Insulator ConferenceConferences
Italian Horticultural SocietySocieties
Italian Ophthalmological SocietySocieties
Sand and Oil InterceptorGeology
Schedule Of InvestmentAccounting
School Of InfantryMilitary
Schroder OrientLondon Stock Exchange
Service Oriented IntegrationSoftware
Società Oftalmologica ItalianaSocieties
Soil Sub Technologies LtdASX Symbols
Space Object IdentificationMilitary
Star Of IndiaMusic
Syllabus Of InstructionMilitary

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