What does SP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SP:



SpaceGeneral Computing
Sao PauloRegional
Service PackSoftware
Service ProviderInternet
Single PlayerSports
State ParkState & Local
Signal PeptideHuman Genome
Special PublicationUS Government
South PacificGeology
Security PolicyMilitary
Stack PointerAssembly
Soil PropertiesBotany
State PoliceLaw & Legal
Southern PacificRailroads
Superior PerformanceOccupation & Positions
Self PropelledMilitary
Single ProcessorHardware
Signal ProcessorElectronics
Strada ProvincialeLaw & Legal
Stevens PointState & Local
Silver PlatedProducts
Special ProjectUS Government
Single PrecisionAssembly
Starting PriceGeneral Business
Source ProgramMilitary
Starting PitcherSports
Sub ProjectNASA
Satisfactory ProgressUniversities
Saint PeterReligion
Short ProgramSports
Schools ProgramEducational
Stored ProcedureUnclassified
Solubility ProductChemistry
Street PriceLaw & Legal
Student ProgramUniversities
Smashing PumpkinsMusic
Single PremiumGeneral Business
Semidirect ProductGeneral Business
Security PoliceLaw & Legal
Show PotentialNews & Media
Shoulder PadSports
Social PlanningCommunity
Standard PressurePhysics
Special PerformanceHardware
Supreme PowerReligion
Street PhotographyOccupation & Positions
Sleep ParalysisPhysiology
Save PercentageSports
Special ProcessGeneral Business
Special ProductProducts
Special PresentationNews & Media
Spontaneous PotentialChemistry
Single PlaySports
Suppressive PersonOccupation & Positions
Senior PastorOccupation & Positions
System ProcedureAssembly
Union Pacific Railroad CompanyRailroads
Sweetie PieChat
Smart PointerSoftware
Subgame PerfectSports
Scalable ParallelUnclassified
Super PowerUnclassified
Skills PracticeEducational
Silk PurseProducts
Samaritan's PurseNon-Profit Organizations
Spell PointsEducational
Security PackMilitary
Self PromotionUnclassified
S ParameterUnclassified
Sure PassUniversities
Silver PlateProducts
Self PreservationUnclassified
Super PlayerSports
Shiny PantsChat
Super PoweredUnclassified
Short PneumaticProducts
Sangguniang PanlalawiganUnclassified
Sports ProductionSports
Super PrettyChat
Sterling ParkState & Local
Secure ProxyCyber & Security
Salvation PlanHuman Genome
Sanity PointsSports
Stops ProcessingGeneral Computing
Special ProductionProducts
Style PointsSports
Straight PullUnclassified
Spear PointGeology
Spine, spinalPhysiology
Something ProbablyProducts
Sun PmUnclassified
Super PerformanceUnclassified
Special ProceedingMilitary
Sugar PieFood & Nutrition
Singular PerturbationPhysics
Studio PackageNews & Media
Super PocketClothing
Superultramodern PhysicsPhysics
Second PurchaseUnclassified
Social PointsChat
Special PartnerGeneral Business
Sports PlaneSports
Suggested PageNews & Media
Smart PriceUnclassified
Spirit PointsSports
Super PortableUnclassified
Surprisingly PoorCommunity
Sneaky PeteNames and Nicknames
Sg PetaniUnclassified
Security PotentialCyber & Security
Sequence PointUnclassified
Street PortraitPerforming Arts
South PastureFarming & Agriculture
Subject PhraseLinguistics
Semi PlenaryUS Government
Scattering PathUnclassified
Special PocketUnclassified
Simple PrecisionUnclassified
Smokin PotUnclassified
Self PracticeUnclassified
Square PodProducts
Soul PointsUnclassified
Simple ProductionsCompanies & Firms
Stump PullerUnclassified
Store ParentsCommunity
Special ProbablyUnclassified
Symbolic PowersUnclassified
Sabotage PackMilitary
Special PM (Preventive Maintenance)Military
Synthetic PetroleumEnergy
Semi PowerUnclassified
Servicio PresupuestarioSpanish
Societas PhilosophiaeUnclassified
Shock PracticeMilitary
Severe PaucityUnclassified
Spottiswoode ParkCommunity
Saxon PorcelainProducts
Skating ProfessionalOccupation & Positions
Suffering PatheticUnclassified
Super PudFunnies
Spyder PunksMusic
Serious PoutUnclassified
Compressed file archive (Splint)File Extensions
Special PkmnUnclassified
La Spezia (Provence)Italian
Slimy PooUnclassified
Sharon PhuaUnclassified
Sole ProprietorCompanies & Firms
Streptococcus pneumoniaeUnclassified
Senior PartnerOccupation & Positions
Sole ProprietorshipBusiness
spellingAcademic & Science
Superintendent of PolicePolice
Systolic PressureBritish Medicine
Standard PlayUnclassified
Seasonal PriceUnclassified
Saw PalmettoUnclassified
Serum ProteinBritish Medicine
Souvenir PortfolioUnclassified
s for PhytoremediationUnclassified
Slowly PerishingUnclassified
Special PortableUnclassified
Short PlayUnclassified
Simplified PaintUnclassified
Sleek PuterizedUnclassified
leave a spaceCommunity
Stock PointUnclassified
Sega PicoUnclassified
Sherman PanzerUnclassified
Soft PointUnclassified
South PoleUnclassified
Special PointsUnclassified
Spontaneous PolarizationUnclassified
Stand for PolarisUnclassified
Stand for PostUnclassified
Starter PackUnclassified
Status PointerUnclassified
Story PointsUnclassified
Support PackageUnclassified
Symphasis PubisBritish Medicine
Safety PractitionerGeneral Business
Sclerosing PeritonitisBritish Medicine
Screened PorchReal Estate
Secondary PolycythaemiaBritish Medicine
Secretory PieceBritish Medicine
Security ProfessionalMiscellaneous
Seizure ProneBritish Medicine
Senile PlaqueBritish Medicine
Septum PellucidumBritish Medicine
Serine ProteaseBritish Medicine
Severe PeriodontitisBritish Medicine
Shetland PonyMiscellaneous
Shore PatrolPolice
Shore Patrol vesselShipping & Sailing
Shore PoliceMilitary
Shoulder PitchNASA
Shuttle Projects OfficeNASA
Sialadenoma PapilliferumBritish Medicine
Sine Prole (without children)Genealogy
Singapore PowerUnclassified
Single PoleNASA
Skill PointsSkiing
Slow PotentialBritish Medicine
Social PhobiaBritish Medicine
Socialist PartyPolitics
Sodium PentobarbitalBritish Medicine
Soft PalateBritish Medicine
Soiled PantiesHospitals
Solar PannelElectronics
Solar PhysicsNASA
Solid PhaseBritish Medicine
Soluble ProteinBritish Medicine
South ParkFunnies
Southern Pacific Railroad (Union Pacific Railroad)Railroads
Spare PartsHardware
Spastic ParalysisBritish Medicine
Specific ProcedureBusiness
Specified PerilsInsurance
Spectator ModeGaming
spectrophotometryBritish Medicine
Speech PathologyBritish Medicine
Sphincter PreservationBritish Medicine
Spinous ProcessBritish Medicine
Spontaneous PneumothoraxBritish Medicine
Spontaneous ProliferationBritish Medicine
Standard and PoorProducts
Standard or PeculiarNASA
Standard PracticeBritish Medicine
Standard ProcedureBritish Medicine
Standardised PatientBritish Medicine
Start PointMilitary
Starting PixelSoftware
Static PressureNASA
Stationary PhaseBritish Medicine
Steel PipeConstruction
Stereotactic PallidotomyHospitals
Stomach ProblemsDiseases
Strategic PlanBritish Medicine
Streptococcu pneumoniaeBritish Medicine
Stroke-ProneBritish Medicine
Structural ProteinBritish Medicine
Sturdy PersonUnclassified
subplateBritish Medicine
substance PBritish Medicine
Sucker PunchMusic
Sum of the ProductNetworking
Summating PotentialsBritish Medicine
Superoxide ProductionBritish Medicine
suprapubicBritish Medicine
Surfactant ProteinBritish Medicine
Surgical PathologyBritish Medicine
Sustaining PhaseManufacturing
Sweety PieChat
Synthetic PeptideBritish Medicine

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