What does SQR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SQR:



SquareUnit Measures
Square RootAssembly
Structured Query ReportDatabases
Structured Query ReportingUniversities
Soroako, IndonesiaAirport Codes
Signal to Quantizing noise RatioTelecom
Sharing Questions And RequestsChat
Standard Query ReportingSoftware
Software Quality RecordGeneral Business
Software Quality ReviewMilitary
System Query ResultsGeneral Computing
Slick Queasy ReptilesUnclassified
Supplier Quality RatingUnclassified
Sulfide Quinone ReductaseUnclassified
Supplier Quality RequirementsUnclassified
Security, Quality and ReliabilityBusiness
School Quality ReviewsSchools
Survey Question ReadUnclassified
Semi Qualitative ResearchResearch
Seatpost Quick ReleaseUnclassified
Secure Quick ReleaseUnclassified
Sequential Quantitative ReasoningUnclassified
Simple Quick ReliableUnclassified
Supplier Quality RequirementUnclassified

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